Minecraft: guide to distill the Potion of Strength

Use one Force Potion during a session Minecraft will allow you to earn a 130% increase in damage you will be able to deal to opposing monsters and players. Follow us in this guide to find out how to make one.

Before you can start creating any potion, you will need to get one distillation bench, without which you will not be able to create anything more complicated than a glass bottle full of water. In addition, you will need aAmpoule full of water, one Nether wart and of Blaze powder.

After securing the distillation counter, start the procedure by filling a glass ampoule with water: you can do it through a cauldron, thus obtaining a bottle of water, the base of each potion that can be distilled within the game. After this first step, go to the distillation counter and add a Wart of the Nether to the ampoule of water (place the first in one of the slots at the bottom, and the second in the top slot dedicated to the ingredient): in this way you will produce a Strange potion, which has no effect. Lastly, repeat the previous procedure, using the Strange Potion in the slots at the bottom as a container, and the Blaze Powder in the ingredient slot, and wait for the end of the distillation. You will have thus obtained yours Strength Potion.

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To increase the duration of the enhancement provided by the potion, bringing it from 3 minutes to a total of 8 minutes, you can add some Redstone powder to the Potion of Strength, once completed. Did you know that someone managed to play Minecraft within Minecraft?


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