Mikasa Can Beat Goku: Attack on Titan 4×10 launches meme reveal

The clan Ackerman has special abilities, and it is no coincidence that humanity’s strongest warriors hide among them. During the various seasons of The Attack of the Giants we have seen several times the talents and strength of Mikasa first and then Levi. The two proved to be truly lethal fighters for all kinds of enemies.

Mikasa has killed many giants over the course of the series, and has repeatedly proven to have absurd strength. But in episode 10 of Attack of the Giants 4 it seems that Ackerman exceeded all expectations. In one of the scenes, as they were building new infrastructure to support Paradis’ growth and prepare for war, Mikasa lifts several iron beams.

An Attack of the Giants fan has calculated how big those beams are roughly and how much they should weigh in total. According to the calculations, the weight supported by Mikasa in those scenes is over 2000 lbs which for users of the metric system correspond to 907 kilograms. A huge number that makes us understand how strong Ackerman really is, even if doubts inevitably arise about the canonicity of this calculation. On the net, of course, this has triggered various reactions, such as the joke that has already become a meme “Mikasa stronger than Goku“.

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Speaking of the Ackerman clan from Attack of the Giants, do you know how old Levi is?


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