Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 166 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 166 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Enrollment of Mercenaries, Chapter 166! The readers are eager to find out what happens next in the novel as the suspense level increases as mercenary enlistment draws near.

Reading the last chapter made us all feel fairly upset because of the chief’s demise and Ijin’s strong emotional response to the circumstances.

Ijin had not really shown any obvious emotion in a scenario before, so it was good to finally see his kind and sensitive side.

We saw a peculiar interaction between Jin and Everine in the last chapter. As the chief’s condition deteriorates, their discourse fizzes with panic.

After learning of the chief’s predicament, Jin makes the decision to see him. Their abrasive conversation is interrupted by brief but powerful comments on a shared past.

Everyone who inquires about Jin’s well-being does so with sincere concern and welcomes him. The tone of the chat is quite familiar and highlights the terrible circumstances facing the chief. He can’t move and is blind.

Jin was happy to follow the chief’s lead as she responded quickly to the dire situation.

The chief makes a few important remarks that hint to a complex relationship between him and Jin. The chief’s precarious condition exacerbates an unacknowledged past.

Jin decides to take a moment to reflect and take a deep breath after realizing how serious the issue is.

Now that they are aware that Alice within the Forest has penetrated SW, viewers of the show are keen to find out more about the plot and how events will develop.

In Chapter 149, Dushik—who was seriously hurt and at the tip of his rope—will be given a present.

Seokbae hasn’t done anything but cause trouble for Dushik as well as Ijin, who has come to care for the notorious mobster, since his arrival in the book.

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 166 Release Date

The eagerly awaited release of Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 166 will shortly bring the series to a close. Yes, it is correct! Chapter 166 of the Mercenary Enrollment will be available this week, on December 9, 2023.

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 166 Trailer

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 166 Plot

The only people who survived the crash of an airplane when Yu Ijin were a child was his family. He eventually made his way back to his family & hometown after ten years of battling to support himself as a mercenary.

Since she knows there were multiple intruders and they are all at the same degree of expertise as indicated by the display, Alice refuses to accept it.

She was still unable to understand how one enemy might have defeated all of her operatives, including Anna, even at this late hour.

Yu Jianin with the other guys are still imprisoned in the underground bunker, where they come into a zombie apocalypse and an unknown person.

He is also curious as to the possibility that one of his closest allies has betrayed him by giving the enemy access to his secrets.

Yu Ijin uses his martial arts skills and weaponry to protect himself and his friends from the zombies while making sure the other pupils are safe.

He also makes an effort to track out the perpetrators of this incident and ascertain their motivation for wanting to hurt him and his educational institution.

He thinks it has to do with his previous career as a mercenary and believes someone is trying to reveal who he really is and what he is hiding.

The assailant is posing challenges and standing resistance to police and military personnel as they work to save the students and put an end to the atrocity.

Moreover, the enemy possesses a powerful weapon that has the capacity to explode massively and destroy the entire city.

Yu Ijin and his allies need to quickly come up with a plan to get out of the bunker, get rid of the enemy, then save the city before it’s too late.

Character exchanges and emotions abound in Mercenary Enrollment’s Chapter 162. After reading the manga’s opening cryptic exchange, readers are left wondering about Jin and Everyone’s previous relationship.

The suspense and surprising developments of this chapter stem from Jin’s choice to visit the sick chief. As Jin arrives at the chief’s residence, a sense of concern fills the air.

Everine had a quick but crucial chat with Jin, asking how she was doing. It is discovered that the chief is unwell; he is immobile and his eyesight is failing.

Jin rushes to the chief’s side and has a positive attitude throughout the conversation, demonstrating how serious the matter is. The conversation between the chief and JIN reveals a complicated backstory.

Readers are drawn in by their shared background as their bond grows stronger via the discourse. The debate becomes more heated when Jin reveals that he has a younger sister plus a grandfather who looks after him.

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