Who is Matias De Stefano –Matias De Stefano Net Worth 2024

Who is Matias De Stefano –Matias De Stefano Net Worth 2024

Matias De Stefano’s adventure is the core of enlightenment and discovery, showing many people who are looking for the way in the world of consciousness how to get there. As a recorder, educator, rememberer, and video creator, he skillfully weaves together faith, knowledge, and deep insights into a rich tapestry of wisdom that speaks to people all over the world. His unwavering commitment, desire, and never-ending search for answers have not only changed lives but also helped him build up a large net worth, which shows how important his message is on a global level.

Because he has so many different jobs, Matias De Stefano is like a guiding light for people who want to start their own spiritual and self-discovery trips. Many people admire and respect him for being able to handle the complicated world of consciousness in an honest and clear way. This has made him a beacon of wisdom in a world that is always changing. Matias De Stefano’s legacy will carry on as long as he continues to motivate and encourage others. He will leave a permanent imprint on the collective minds of all people.

Who is Matias De Stefano?

Latin American YouTuber and social media star Matias De Stefano explores the secrets of sacred geometry, science, and religion in great depth. Many people know him for being able to remember past lives as well as comprehend how the world works in a very complex way. Matias connects ancient wisdom with modern thinking through his channel on YouTube and various other platforms. He gives us deep insights into the foundations of reality as well as our place in it.

Attribute Details
Real Name Matias De Stefano
Nickname Matias De Stefano
Profession Recorder, Educator, Rememberer
Age 36 years
Height 5 feet 8 inches
Nationality Argentinean
Occupation Researcher, Rememberer, Educator, YouTuber
Birthday August 4, 1987
Birthplace Tuerto, Argentina

Matias De Stefano Early Life and Education Qualification:

Matias De Stefano was born on August 4, 1987, in Tuerto, Argentina. He spent his childhood years being curious and exploring the world. His early interest in movies and stories set the stage for his later work exploring awareness. Matias went to the National University of Río Cuarto in Argentina to get a degree in psychology and pedagogy. There, he learned about new ways to teach and started to form his own unique view of human awareness.

Matias De Stefano: Personal Life and Relationships:

According to Matias De Stefano, he keeps his personal life secret because he wants to focus on his work and spirituality. While the specifics of his relationships with women are still unknown, it is obvious that his mission to awaken awareness is more important to him than everything else. Reports that make assumptions about his sexuality are based on nothing because Matias is still dedicated to encouraging others to discover the deepest parts of their own being.


Matias De Stefano shows how important it is to set limits and put your own inner journey first by making his personal life private. His focus on being real and spiritual growth acts as a compass for those who follow him, inspiring them to work on self-discovery and growth. People are interested in Matias’s personal life, but his unwavering commitment to his goal continues to motivate and encourage people on their individual paths to enlightenment.

Matias De Stefano Physical Appearance:

Matias De Stefano, who stands 5 feet 8 inches tall, has an engaging personality. His looks, which aren’t talked about much, show how wise and spiritually connected he is on a deeper level. Matias captivates listeners with his deep insights and charismatic presence. He has a demeanor that is both friendly and authoritative.

Matias De Stefano’s professional career:

Matias De Stefano’s work history shows how dedicated he is to raising consciousness and bringing about world change. Matias gives people the tools they need to explore the depths of their awareness and reach their full potential through his roles as a rememberer, educator, and recorder. His YouTube account is where he shares his spiritual knowledge and encourages others to start on a spiritual journey.

  • The Rememberer and Educator of the Planetary Network of Consciousness:

Matias plays a key role in spreading information and raising awareness around the world. Through his many activities, he connects with people all over the world and helps them reach a higher level of awareness.

  • Owner and Founder of Matias De SefanoCanalOficial:

Matias’s YouTube channel is a gathering place for people who are interested in spirituality and awareness. Through his interesting videos and deep teachings, he helps people understand how everything is linked and gives them the tools to accept who they really are.

Matias De Stefano’s net worth:

The fact that Matias De Stefano is very successful financially shows how much his work means to people and how much worth he brings to them. With a probable net worth of $4 million, he has not only become very wealthy, but he has also shown that there is money to be made in the study and exploration of awareness.

Attribute Details
Matias De Stefano Net Worth $3 million
Monthly Earnings $30,000
Yearly Earnings $360,000

Others have been inspired to follow in Matias’s footsteps by how hard he works at his craft and how determined he is to raise consciousness. His story shows how being honest, having a strong passion, and not giving up can help you reach both emotional and financial success.

Matias De Stefano Social Media Presence:

A lot of people can find Matias De Stefano on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. He interacts with his followers, shares his ideas, and builds a sense of belonging among those interested in spirituality and consciousness research around the world through these platforms.


Matias De Stefano: Interesting Facts:

  • Matias De Stefano can remember past lives and gain knowledge from long ago.
  • He really wants to learn more about the universe’s secrets and share what he has learned with others.
  • Matias’s journey started with a deep spiritual awakening that made him want to work in the field of consciousness exploration.
  • He thinks that everything is linked and wants to encourage others to accept who they really are.
  • There are many different areas that Matias’s lessons come from, such as sacred geometry, science, or spirituality.
  • He has done a lot of traveling and shared his knowledge and advice with people all over the world.
  • Matias is still dedicated to his goal of raising awareness and bringing about positive change on a global scale.
  • He thinks that we co-create our world and tells others to believe in their power to change their future.
  • Matias’s earnestness and authenticity hit home with his audience, which is why he is so well-known and praised.
  • He keeps encouraging and giving people the tools they need to dig into the depths of their faculties and reach their full potential.
  • John Matias De Stefano Some other fun hobbies
  • Matias De Stefano is interested in spiritual things, but he also likes to spend time in nature, meditate, and learn about other countries and points of view. The beauty of nature and the knowledge of old traditions inspire him, and he uses these things in his lessons and in his own life.

Final Words:

Matias De Stefano’s story shows how powerful desire, hard work, and being yourself can be. As a rememberer, educator, and recording device, he has made a huge difference in the lives of many people and started a movement around the world to become more aware. Matias is still a shining example for spiritual seekers or consciousness researchers all over the world, thanks to his deep insights, engaging personality, and unwavering dedication to awakening awareness.

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