Love is Blind: Sweden: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

The next romantic hit from Netflix, Love Is Blind: Sweden is about to take viewers on an exciting journey around Sweden. Jessica Almenas, a famous Swedish TV personality who has been on series like Superstars and The Biggest Loser, will be taking over as host, which is sure to increase the enthusiasm.

Netflix published a statement from Almenas in which she stated her excitement about becoming a part of Love Is Blind: Sweden. She went on to say that viewers would be taken on an incredible adventure by the program that questions traditional ideas of love and that she is eager for them to come along.

Get ready for some wild rides as this groundbreaking reality program explores unexplored territory in its pursuit of true, beyond-the-surface relationships.

Love is Blind: Sweden Release Date

Netflix announced on December 7 that, starting January 12, 2024, new episodes of Love Is Blind: Sweden would broadcast every Friday. There are four parts to the ten-part series.

In the first four episodes, we will meet the first group of singletons. In the following four, we will meet the second group. The specifics of the wedding will be covered in the third section, and then there will be a reunion portion.

Love is Blind: Sweden Plot

Every single person in the program is blindly selected to be their partner according to the show’s structure. They have four weeks to move in with their date and start wedding planning. Couples can spend quality time together and form emotional bonds within this time range as well.

The wedding day is the show’s meat and potatoes. At that point, the singletons are free to do as they choose with their blind dates: marry them or break up the relationship.

Love is Blind: Sweden Cast

In Love is Blind: Sweden, a group of 32 singles who value authenticity above superficial beauty have joined an unconventional dating service in the hopes of meeting their soulmate—without ever having laid eyes on them.

Love is Blind: Sweden starts on Netflix on Friday, January 12, so you can meet the singles and follow their journey to discover whether love is indeed blind.

Get to Know the Men:

  • Adde – 33, VP – Security Company
  • Johan – 34, Salesman
  • Johannes – 32, Project Manager
  • Karolina – 32, Payroll Controller
  • Kimia – 34, Cosmetic Nurse
  • Alexandra – 33, General Secretary
  • Amanda – 34, Economist
  • Andrea – 36, Gym Studio Owner
  • Andreas – 39, Firefighter
  • Catja – 32, HR Specialist
  • Christofer – 34, Self-employed
  • Mow – 43, Recruitment Consultant
  • Nea – 36, Chief Advisor
  • Nina – 31, Destination Manager, Artist
  • Oskar – 32, Financial Advisor
  • Daniel – 38, Entrepreneur
  • Emilia – 34, Business Manager – Telecommunications
  • Huda – 30, Assistant Nurse
  • Isabelle – 27, Assistant Nurse, Personal Assistant
  • Jimmy – 34, Self-employed
  • Krisse-Ly – 30, Interior Stylist, Sales Assistant
  • Leila – 35, Recruiter
  • Lucas – 30, Operative Manager – Energy Production
  • Markus – 29, Training Instruction Consultant
  • Meira – 30, Economist
  • Milan – 28, Car Salesman
  • Mohamed – 32, Personal Trainer
  • Sandra – 36, Yoga Teacher, Artist
  • Sergio – 38, Soccer Coach, DJ
  • Rasmus – 32, Self-employed
  • Sami – 29, Social Secretary
  • Victoria – 36, Resource Educator

Love is Blind: Sweden Trailer

The teaser for the next series is still a mystery. The first season won’t have a long wait ahead of it, as the program is set to premiere in early January. Before the series premieres, viewers may also check out similar programs on Netflix.

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