‘Kings of the Night’, ‘Belgravia’, ‘Bill and Ted Save the Universe’ and more

Last days of April, May is showing the paw and we continue to know the main premieres of some of the most important platforms. After getting to know what’s new on Disney + and Netflix, it’s time to get to know all the series, films and documentaries that arrive at Movistar + next month.

The 11 best series of 2021 ... so far

‘Kings of the night’

Javier Gutiérrez and Miki Esparbé star in the Movistar + comedy inspired by the radio football wars of the late eighties and nineties. The plot begins when the Condor’s empire is threatened when his right-hand man emancipates himself to create his own program.


A year late from its UK premiere comes the new series from the creator of Downton Abbey. Julian Fellowes leaves the countryside for the capital with a drama of secrets and high society scandals in London’s most elite neighborhood.

‘Finding a life in Brooklyn’

Dan Perlman and Kevin Iso create and star in an urban comedy based on their eponymous collection of shorts as two friends looking to go beyond their routine in their slum Brooklyn neighborhood.

All series

  • ‘Belgravia’ (7/5)
  • ‘Kings of the night’ (5/14)
  • ‘Finding a life in Brooklyn’ (5/24)
  • ‘Black Monday’ T3 (24/5)
  • ‘Couples therapy’ T2 (26/5)


‘Welcome to Chechnya’

David France directs a documentary thriller that follows the brave Russian activists who decided to help the persecuted members of the LGTBIQ + community who suddenly see how they are tortured and detained in the “blood cleansing” carried out by the Chechen government.

All documentaries

  • ‘Mutant Children. I will never forget tonight ‘(5/14)
  • ‘Welcome to Chechnya’ (16/5)
  • ‘White Riot. Rock Against Racism ‘(5/21)
  • ‘Daft Punk Unchained’ (28/5)



In direct release mode comes the interesting true story of Mike Burden (Garret Hedlun), a member of the Ku Klux Klan who decides to abandon his violent past and the organization with the help of his girlfriend and an African-American reverend played by Forrest Whitaker.

All the movies

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