Keanu Reeves, a phenomenon also in basketball: the photo drives Instagram crazy

In these hours a photo has gone viral Keanu Reeves which appeared on the social network Instagram, shows that in addition to being a great actor, the star has a talent for basketball too.

Indeed, actor Rob Lowe has made known an embarrassing moment of his friendship with the star of John Wick, recovering an old photo of when at a basketball game he showed them to him in all colors giving him a difference of 22 points. Reeves’ mocking smile seems to show that there was never a game between the two.

We remind you that Keanu Reeves will return in 2021 with two highly anticipated films, the unmissable Matrix 4 is John Wick: Chapter 4, the new chapters of the two beloved sagas of which the Hollywood star is the protagonist. Fans of the actor can’t wait to see him in action in both roles: the new chapter in the saga of John Wick will pick up where Parabellum ended last year, while the return of the Wachowski science fiction saga will present the return of characters such as Neo and Trinity to the new generations, again played by Carrie Anne Moss.

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Which of the two films do you expect the most? As usual, tell us in the comments section.

For further information, please refer to the Matrix’s Everycult and John Wick 2’s Every cult.


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