Katy Keene Season 2: Will There Be Another Season?

The musical comedy-drama ‘Katy Keene’ is based on the popular Archie Comics characters. It is a direct spin-off of ‘Riverdale’ and was developed for the film by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and Michael Grassi, taking place five years after the events of the original series. The show chronicles the romantic and professional lives of four New York City-based artists just starting out.

The show’s launch in February 2020 was met with widespread critical and public acclaim for its easygoing vibe, colorful setting, glitzy costumes, and the main cast’s naturalistic performances. Enthusiasts have to ask, “Will there be a ‘Katy Keene’ season 2?” The good news is that we might have some. Continue reading.

Katy Keene Season 2 Renewal Status

Katy Keene fans, I’m afraid it appears like there won’t be a second season. The news that the show had been canceled by The CW for a second season came out on July 2.

Why was Katy Keene Season 2 canceled?

Reportedly, Katy Keene’s online performance on the HBO Max streaming platform had a role in the show’s demise. The show’s performance on The CW’s digital platforms and the linear network with delayed viewing were not as strong as that of other recently launched shows like Nancy Drew, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Since the show first aired in February 2020 and ended in May 2020, Small-Screen implies that its run was disrupted by the COVID-19 outbreak. The show’s final episode will air in July 2020. When compared to other shows on The CW’s schedule, perhaps the numbers weren’t strong enough to justify keeping it on. According to Small-Screen, the first season pulled in an average of 480,000 views and a 0.12 rating among adults 18–49.

Katy Keene Season 1 Recap

Katy Keene has a hard time dealing with the demands of her employment at Lacy’s mercantile firm and her overbearing supervisor; Jorge has a disastrous Broadway audition; and Katy’s longtime lover discloses some shocking news. Katy’s new responsibilities leave her feeling torn, while Pepper takes on her rival head-on at the Meta Gala by creating a splash to promote Josie and the Pussycats and, by extension, the Pepper Plant; KO comes to Katy for assistance. Pepper finds a way to make things right with Jorge and Josie, while Katy begins to see things more clearly and asks Gloria for assistance in order to make her plan happen.

Katy Keene Cast


  • Lucy Hale as Katy Keene: An aspiring fashion designer trying to navigate her way in New York City.
  • Ashleigh Murray as Josie McCoy: A singer-songwriter chasing her music dreams in the Big Apple. This character was introduced in Riverdale.
  • Katherine LaNasa as Gloria Grandbilt: A personal shopper at the luxury department store Lacy’s, which caters to the rich and famous.
  • Julia Chan as Pepper Smith: An it girl with a mysterious background who wants to open up a studio for aspiring artists.
  • Jonny Beauchamp as Jorge / Ginger Lopez: An aspiring Broadway performer who wants to take his drag career to the next level.
  • Lucien Laviscount as Alexander “Alex” Cabot: The CEO of his father’s company who dreams of reopening a dead record label.
  • Zane Holtz as K.O. Kelly: A boxer and Katy’s longtime boyfriend who dreams of fighting a welterweight championship in Madison Square Garden.
  • Camille Hyde as Alexandra “Xandra” Cabot: A powerful New York socialite who is trying to work her way up in her father’s company.
  • Recurring
  • Nathan Lee Graham as François: A visual merchandiser at Lacy’s.
  • Heléne Yorke as Amanda: One of Gloria’s assistants who sees Katy as a competitor.
  • Daphne Rubin-Vega as Luisa Lopez: Jorge’s mother, a former Rockette, and now co-owner of a bodega.
  • Saamer Usmani as Prince Errol Swoon: A royal prince of a foreign country.
  • André De Shields as Chubby: Josie’s boss at a record store.
  • Erica Pappas as Patricia Klein: Prince Errol’s fiancee.
  • Ryan Faucett as Bernardo Bixby: A firefighter and Jorge’s love interest.
  • Frank Pando as Luis Lopez: Jorge’s father and co-owner of the bodega with Luisa.
  • Candace Maxwell as Didi: Pepper’s assistant and love interest.
  • Abubakr Ali as Raj Patel: KO’s roommate, a filmmaker, and one of Pepper’s love interests.
  • Luke Cook as Guy LaMontagne: A famous fashion designer.
  • Bernadette Peters as Miss Freesia: A wealthy Upper East sider and Pepper’s mother figure who taught her the art of the con.
  • Eric Freeman as Buzz Brown: A former love interest of Jorge’s
  • Mary Beth Peil as Loretta Lacy: Lacy’s owner.
  • Azriel Crews as Cricket: the shy keyboardist in the revived Josie and the Pussycats
  • Emily Rafala as Trula Twyst: The activist drummer in the revived Josie and the Pussycats

Katy Keene Season 2 Expected Plot

In the season 1 finale, Katy gets lucky when her employer Gloria agrees to aid her with her scheme. Pepper, meanwhile, tries to make peace with her pals Katy, Jorge, and Josie, whose lives she has negatively affected through her schemes and falsehoods. She also makes the choice to forget the past and move on to better things. Jorge organizes a demonstration to save his parents’ building from being demolished, but he is severely set back when he learns that Hiram Lodge is actively working against him.

Aspiring fashion designer Katy Keene, singer/songwriter Josie, drag performer and Broadway enthusiast Ginger Lopez/Jorge, no longer-mysterious blogger Pepper Smith, and Katy’s boxer/bouncer boyfriend K.O. may continue to have their personal and professional lives chronicled in Season 2.

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