Jojo: Vento Aureo, Trish Una comes to life with the exceptional Chamomile cosplay

Among fans of Hirohiko Araki's generational series, it is known that the sixth series of the manga, Jojo's Bizarre Adventures: Stone Ocean, is the most prone to girl power. Unfortunately there is still no news on an adaptation of David Production on Jojo: Stone Ocean, but in the meantime we can enjoy the female protagonist of Jojo: Vento Aureo.

During the fifth series we did the knowledge of Trish Una, son of the Devil and character around whom much of the storyline will revolve Jojo's Bizarre Adventures: Golden Wind. Trish is a pink-haired girl, fifteen years old and therefore in the prime of the years. It has an overwhelming beauty and several times conquers the looks of Mista and Fugo thanks to its curvilinear physique. During the plot, she too will be able to show off a stand, the lively Spice Girl.

The girl came to life thanks to Chamomile_Chami who on her Instagram page shows photos of her latest creation. The cosplay Trish Una that you can see at the bottom recalls all the details of the female protagonist of Jojo: Vento Aureo with great attention to all the particularities of hairstyle and clothes. You like this Jojo themed cosplay?

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Saiwestwood cosplayer has also launched her Trish Una.


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