J-Pop announces: Hellsing, Gon and The game of the cat and the mouse will soon return to the bookstore

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J-Pop Manga it never stops, and after announcing the arrival of eight new titles in Italian bookstores a few weeks ago, has even confirmed the imminent return of three modern classics of the 90s and 2000s: Hellsing, Gon is The game of cat and mouse. Below you can read the press release sent to us by the publishing house.

The first to arrive at the bookstore will be Gon by Masashi Tanaka, who became famous outside Japan for appearing in the Tekken 3 video game. Born in 1991 (or millions of years ago), Gon quickly became one of the most recognizable media characters thanks to the universality and environmental issues of the his manga series: silent and enjoyable stories by everyone in which the stubborn yellow dinosaur is raging in a world in which humans have not yet appeared, hunting, playing and exploring.

"Di Gon, without a single syllable, we understand many things", writes Giovanni Marinovich, Art Director of Edizioni BD, "I've always been stunned by the double splash pages in which the hatching of the rooms takes on something magical, so supernatural that he succeeds alone, to be nature. And to take a boy with one of his stubby and powerful legs and bring him in the middle of deserts, impervious crevasses, caves, prairies, open sea … and make him understand it: that's how you do it, to communicate without the words".

Today the entire saga is collected in full edition, in three large-format volumes with color pages accompanied by a tail-fitted collector's box and 5 postcards (three included in the box and two available on request in the comics shop) in which the very detailed drawings Masashi Tanaka can shine as they deserve.

The same day is also the turn of The game of cat and mouse, The masterpiece of Setona Mizushiro, winner of the thirty-sixth edition of the Kodansha Manga Award which returns to Italy in its final edition with color illustrations and the unpublished chapter Hummigbird Rhapsody!

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Serial traitor Kyoichi Otomo meets his old college mate Imagase. The latter, having discovered his traces, poses a condition for his silence. What will change in Kyoichi's life after this reunion?

From July 15th it is available again Hellsing, in a new large format edition with a complete collector's box! Hellsing, written and drawn by Kōta Hirano, appears for the first time in Japan since 1998; it is the story of the events of a noble English family, the Hellsings, who have been fighting against vampires for generations. A conflict so long that it has turned into a real paramilitary organization in the service of his majesty. The last heir and leader of the family, Lady Integra, has at her side in the struggle a weapon as formidable as unthinkable: the ruthless vampire Alucard!

In summary, the full edition of Gon will be available from 8 July, consisting of 3 volumes (350 pages each) and available for purchase for € 36.00. The definitive edition of The game of cat and mouse will be available from the same day and can be purchased for € 15.00, while the new edition box of Hellsing will arrive on July 15th and will consist of 5 volumes (392 pages each), which can be purchased individually for € 15.00 each. or in bulk for € 75.00.

All clear? Let us know with a comment! In case you are looking for other great classics, we remind you that from last February the Princess Sapphire by Osamu Tezuka is available.

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