"It will be a really dark season"

The fifth season of Fear the Walking Dead ended with Morgan shot dead by Virginia and left to die in the midst of a fight to the death and with the group of Survivors now separated, and also for this reason, according to some interpreters of the series, Fear the Walking Dead 6 "it will be really dark".

They revealed it Lennie James is Karen David, emphasizing how "Season 6 will have a really dark turn"and adding"that nobody will ever go back to what it was before"Some of the protagonists will still be together, others will find themselves alone, but everyone must learn to survive under the dominion of Virginia and the cowboys of the apocalypse known as the Pioneers.

James said: "There is really so much tension and so much fear to manage. Everything is darker in this new season"And echoes David:"We will certainly explore a darker side of the dynamics between the protagonists and also of the story. Much, much darker, so get ready. It will truly be an ups and downs of emotions".

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We remind you that the sixth season of Fear the Walking Dead will air on AMC starting next October 6, 2020. We leave you to the official trailer of Fear the Walking Dead 6.


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