“I Will Do Better”: Southern Charm’s Kathryn Dennis Is Guilty After Messaging Racially!!

On 11 May, Monday, The Southern Charm Star Kathryn Dennis did apologize for her racist behavior with Tamika Gadsden. She is now sorry after blowing steam on the social media against the radio host. She was pissed off due to the claims that Kathryn is not sober anymore. Read all about it here.

Kathryn Apologize For Her Insensitive Behavior

Tamika Gadsden is the leader of Charleston Activist Network as well as a podcaster. She put the Bravo star igniting some heat over the weekend. As Gadsden speaks about the reprehensible behavior of the Mylk Bar’s entrepreneur, she did receive totally negative and racially insensitive messages over the Instagram from Kathryn Dennis.

Gadsden tweets on Monday about how thing happen when a black woman speak up against the white supremacy. She shares the screenshots of Dennis’s messages and posted them on her Instagram handle. Her tweet was “Mylk Bar prompted this @BravoTV ‘actor’ @KathrynDennis to taunt me with monkey emojis in my DMs. Along with a whole host of other names.”

The Reality Tv Show Star Kathryn Dennis did call her a “Weenie” along with suggesting her to Grow A Pair before sending another message. Dennis also did not forget to include a monkey emoji to make it clear. If you do not know about the monkey emoji then let us brief you about it. People have been using monkey emoji for the degradation of the black community.

Gadsden does want to make sure that all the fans and supporters of Kathryn Dennis know about this racist side of her. But to her response, Kathryn posted the IG story addressing the controversy of how Gadsden is the one being a racist calling out ‘White People’. Later Dennis did show her remorse to send such insensitive messages on social media.

On Monday afternoon, Kathryn Dennis apologizes for her actions. She wrote.”I sincerely apologize to anyone and everyone I hurt…The context was not my intention…I did not give it a thought and it was and is wrong. I know I am not that person and I will do better.”

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