Hotel Del Luna Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Hotel Del Luna Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

The second season of the Korean drama Hotel Del Luna is a romantic comedy. Oh Chung-hwan directs the program, which stars Lee Ji-eun and Yeo Jin-goo in the leading roles.

In addition to Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo, My Mister, Dream High, and You Are the Best, Lee Ji-Eun appears in a few other television programs.

She has portrayed each role to the highest degree of excellence. Yeo Jin-goo portrayed the primary protagonist in the Korean dramas My Absolute Boyfriend, Beyond Evil, Link: Eat, Love, Kill, and others.

Hotel Del Luna is a romantic supernatural comedy. The program became available for viewing on the TVN original broadcast network over local audiences on July 13, 2019. The series is now available internationally on Viki and Netflix streaming platforms.

Each episode is between 73 and 94 minutes long. There are sixteen episodes in total. It was produced by Studio Dragon, and Hong Jung-eun along with Hong Mi-ran wrote the script.

It is produced by the GTist production company, and its executive producer is Kim Kyu-tae. There is no denying the fact that Korean dramas dominate other Western and Asian dramas.

Despite the language barrier, there is a massive transition in the fan base from western culture in Korean culture, which can be partially attributed to K-pop or K-dramas.

As a huge admirer of both of these things over the past two years, I could go on and on about why Korean dramas are so popular and what makes them unique.

They feature a sensible and original plot, infectious and soothing OSTs, a not-so-long episode count, and jaw-dropping ensembles, and they also teach you a variety of values and other lessons.

In conclusion, K-drama is a whole new realm from which it is impossible to flee once you’ve entered.

We are not here to debate the popularity of K-dramas, but rather to discuss “Hotel Del Luna,” a highly-anticipated dark fantasy and romantic comedy television series from South Korea.

Dragon Studio created the fantasy, dark, thriller Korean drama Hotel Del Luna. The script for the drama was written by Hong’s sister, and Oh Chang-Hwan directed it.

Hotel Del Luna aired for a total of sixteen episodes. On the TVN network, the drama was broadcast.

Hotel Del Luna Season 2 Release Date

Hotel Del Luna is a romantic supernatural comedy. Oh Chung-hwan directs the program, which premiered on July 13, 2019. The final episode premiered on September 1, 2019.

Fans of the program are awaiting the second season. They are inquisitive about the date of its release.

The release date for the second season has not yet been determined, which is unfortunate. The second season of Hotel Del Luna has not yet been officially announced. There is no confirmation from the official crew that Hotel Del Luna will return for a second season.

Fans are anxious to follow the characters’ lives in the second season and find out what will happen next.

Even though there is no second season, there are speculations that the show will be remade in the United States.

Until the second season of Hotel Del Luna is confirmed, viewers can watch similar K-dramas, such as Goblin, It’s Okay to Not Be Okay, A Korean Odyssey, and Sell Your Haunted House.

Hotel Del Luna Season 2 Cast

Hotel Del Luna is a romantic comedy from South Korea. In the program, a spirit tries to discover affection for herself in order to be liberated.

It debuted on July 13, 2019 and will air until September 1, 2019. Show enthusiasts are anticipating for the second season of Hotel Del Luna and also want to know who will be appointed in that season.

The second season of Hotel Del Luna has not yet been confirmed, so the personnel cannot be predicted.

In the first season, Lee Ji-eun (IU) portrays Jang Man-wol, while Kim Gyu-ri portrays a younger Jang Man-wol. Koo Chan-sung is portrayed by Yeo Jin-goo.

Hotel Del Luna Season 2 Trailer

Hotel Del Luna Season 2 Plot

Hotel Del Luna is a supernatural romantic comedy set in Korea. The program premiered on July 13 and concluded on September 1.

As soon as the show premiered, viewers began anticipating its second season and were curious about its anticipated narrative.

Goo Chan Sung enters her life as the lodging superintendent. Gradually, they fell in love with one another. They encounter obstacles, but ultimately Jang Man Wol is able to escape.

When the twelve divine Ma Go beings assemble, the first announces, “I’ve brought a very startling new owner to the moon’s accommodations. Because the tale of the moon’s accommodations must continue.”

She asks, “What was the name of the new hotel again?” and reveals that it is “Hotel Blue Moon,” which is appearing a little different from the hotel managed by Jang Man Wol.

A male is seen walking past employees before ascending a flight of stairs, revealing himself to be Kim Soo Hyun.

As he says, “The moon has risen,’ he is dressed impeccably and clutching a glass of liquor. It is time to launch a company.”

It is an inn for spirits and demons with unfinished business. Hotel Del Luna is a peculiar lodging that is not readily apparent to conventional people. They come to fulfill their desires and contribute to the afterlife.

The hotel’s proprietor is Jang Man-Wol. Her spirit inhabits a lifeless tree due to her immense contempt for the planet. Except for the hotel’s general superintendent, all hotel employees are also present in spirit.

As the final superintendent, Gu Chan Sung appears, alters Man-Wol’s fate, and ultimately falls in love with her.

He becomes more acquainted with all of her secrets and mysteries; his responsibility has to send a long-time first visitor in the hotel and Man-Wol to the afterlife with no disdain.

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