Heels Season 2: Release Date, Cast, And Everything We Know About

When it comes to television this year, “Heels” stands as one of the biggest surprises. Starz’s drama is about two brothers who work in their father’s wrestling company in Georgia and deal with all the drama that comes with it stars “Arrow” alum Stephen Amell and “Vikings” star Alexander Ludwig. The show was created by “Loki” head writer Michael Waldron. The show was well received by critics and was certified fresh by Rotten Tomatoes at a 96% approval rating. According to Deadline, the show was promptly renewed for a second season.

There’s little doubt that Starz has found another winner to join the likes of the historical romance “Outlander” and the sequel series “Power Book II: Ghost,” and who knows, maybe this program may even be nominated for an Emmy next year. Fans have been demanding more of the Spade family’s tale since the Season 1 finale premiered on October 10, 2021. What follows is a comprehensive rundown of the current state of knowledge regarding the upcoming second season of “Heels.”

Heels Season 1 Plotline

The professional wrestling business serves as the setting for the drama series Heels. A ‘heel’ (the villain or antagonist in the ring to the people who disobey the rules and are opposed by the ‘good guy’ characters) and a ‘face’ (the hero or protagonist) are two siblings and rivals at the center of this drama series. In order to get national prominence for their little Georgia town, two brothers go to war over their late father’s wrestling promotion.

Heels follow the happenings of the Duffy Wrestling League, which is now directed by Jack Spade’s son. As the owner, main writer, and booker for the company, Jack has the worst job in wrestling. That’s why it’s so normal for people to feel strongly both for and against him.

I grew up watching professional wrestling, and even though I expected to dislike this show, I end up really enjoying it. But you don’t have to agree with it to enjoy it. Another feature of the familial relationship that I like is the show’s willingness to explore unexpected and dark issues. After the sixth episode, I was literally glued to the screen. I’m eager to find out what comes next.

Heels Season Cast


  • Stephen Amell as Jack Spade, a “heel” in the Duffy Wrestling League (DWL) who is Ace’s older brother, and the proprietor of the DWL.
  • Jaxon McHan as Young Jack Spade
  • Alexander Ludwig as Ace Spade, a “face” in the DWL who is Jack’s younger brother.
  • Mason Gillette as Young Ace Spade
  • Alison Luff as Staci Spade, Jack’s wife.
  • Mary McCormack as Willie Day, Jack’s business partner.
  • Kelli Berglund as Crystal Tyler, a valet and love interest for Ace.
  • Allen Maldonado as Rooster Robbins, a star DWL wrestler.
  • James Harrison as Apocalypse, an experienced, disillusioned journeyman wrestler.
  • Roxton Garcia as Thomas Spade, son of Jack and Staci Spade
  • Chris Bauer as Wild Bill Hancock, a former wrestling star turned pro wrestling scout.


  • David James Elliott as Tom Spade, Jack and Ace’s father, a former wrestler who was the proprietor of the DWL.
  • Duke Davis Roberts as Big Jim Kitchen, a seasoned wrestler, and Ace’s best friend.
  • Trey Tucker as Bobby Pin, wrestles as a heel in the ring, but in the locker room, he is an intelligent, funny, encouraging colleague and friend.
  • Robby Ramos as Diego Cottonmouth
  • CM Punk as Ricky Rabies, heel pro wrestler.
  • Bonnie Somerville as Vicky Rabies, Ricky’s valet.
  • Christian Adam as Gabe
  • Alice Barrett Mitchell as Carol Spade
  • Erica Pappas as Melanie Kitchen
  • Mike O’Malley as Charlie Gully, the owner, and impresario of Florida Wrestling Dystopia (FWD).
  • Jef Holbrook as Todd, host of a YouTube show critical of DWL

What to Expect From Heels Season 2

Season 2 of Heels, which will feature more authentic wrestlers like CM Punk, will take up a few loose ends from the first season. As has been the case throughout the season, Jack and Ace were incapable of putting their differences aside for the good of the DWL. After being ignored and underappreciated by nearly everyone, this gave Crystal Tyler (Kelli Berglund) her moment in the spotlight. And on a more personal note, Jack’s wife Staci Spade (Alison Luff) reached her breaking point because of his obsession with wrestling, therefore the future of his family is uncertain.

That was probably the most reliable thing about the first season of Heels, as fans saw Staci grow increasingly frustrated with Jack’s biased priorities. As of this writing, there is no assurance that the series will run its complete course. But Amell feels very optimistic that at least the second season of Heels will air this year, which is excellent news for fans.

Heels Season 2 Release Date

No official date has been set for the second season of Heels as of May 2023; however, Stephen Amell has promised that it would premiere in the summer of that year. When the first season of Heels concluded in October 2021, Starz quickly greenlit a second go-around for the series’ main protagonists. Since then, progress has slowed, and the October 2022 premiere date that was previously reported was incorrect.

Amell has stated that filming would be finished by July of 2022, therefore the delay is not production related. He explained on the podcast Inside of You that Heels had become entangled in the ropes during the process of “untangling” the tag team between Starz and Lionsgate. However, in a tweet to fans in April of 2023, Amell promised that the show would return “this summer.” Then the spandex is ready.

Heels Season 2 Trailer

A trailer for the season is also unlikely given the lack of a release date for the show. We need to know when the show will premiere before we can make any assumptions about a teaser that drops in the last days leading up to its premiere. So as long as the studio produces a trailer for season 2, you can enjoy the first season’s trailer.

Where to watch Heels Season 1?

Starz’s streaming app and on-demand services now feature Season 1 of “Heels” and will soon add Season 2.

Heels Season 1 Rating

The show’s success on streaming services is especially impressive given that it’s a sports drama. Both fans and critics have praised the entire series. Heels has an 8 out of 10 rating on IMDb, which is well-deserved considering the show’s merits.

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