Has Bethesda's Commander Keen Mobile been canceled?

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At E3 2019 Bethesda had announced the return of Commander Keen with the cry of "Commander Keen is Back!" … what happened to the game? To date there are no traces of the project and no mention appears on the official sites.

The Commander Keen page refers to the home page of the Bethesda site and the Twitter profile it is made private and emptied of any content, also the announcement trailer on the YouTube channel has been deleted and is no longer visible.

So what happened? Hard to say with certainty given that the publisher has not commented on it, Bethesda may have silently canceled Commander Keen or is working on relaunching the project with the latter which may have changed its shape and for this has removed the "old"material.

The reception reserved for Commander Keen it was not the warmest at the Los Angeles fair, the international press at the time spoke of a mobile game without particular flicks and with an aesthetic style that was not particularly appealing. To date, Bethesda has not revealed anything about the game and the only video released is the announcement trailer published in June 2019, now as said canceled.

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