Happy Face season 1 release date, cast, storyline, trailer release, and everything you need to know

Happy Face season 1 release date, cast, storyline, trailer release, and everything you need to know

Happy Face, the highly anticipated true crime drama series, is set to captivate audiences with its gripping storyline and stellar cast. Based on the iHeartPodcasts’ 2018 true-crime podcast Happy Face and Melissa Moore’s 2009 autobiography Shattered Silence, this Paramount+ original promises to delve deep into the life of the notorious serial killer known as the Happy Face killer and the impact of his crimes on his daughter, Melissa Moore.

As the series gears up for its 2025 release, fans of true crime and psychological thrillers eagerly await the chance to unravel the complexities of this chilling story. With a talented cast and a team of experienced creators behind the scenes, Happy Face is poised to become one of the year’s most talked-about shows.

Happy Face Season 1 Release Date:

 Paramount+ has announced that Happy Face season 1 is set to premiere globally in 2025. While an exact release date has not been revealed, production on the eight-episode series is expected to begin in spring 2024 in Vancouver, Canada.

With the show’s production schedule in place, fans can expect to learn more about the specific release date as the year progresses. As an exclusive Paramount+ original, Happy Face will be available to stream to subscribers worldwide upon its release.”

Happy Face Series Storyline Overview: 

Happy Face draws inspiration from the real-life story of Melissa Moore, the daughter of the infamous Happy Face killer. The series will explore the complex relationship between Melissa and her father, Keith Hunter Jesperson, a long-haul truck driver who became notorious for the smiley faces he drew on letters in which he bragged about his crimes.

The show will follow Melissa as she grapples with the realization that her once-beloved father is a convicted serial killer. After decades of no contact, the Happy Face killer finds a way to force himself back into Melissa’s life, setting off a chain of events that will have far-reaching consequences.

As Melissa races against the clock to uncover the truth behind her father’s crimes and prevent an innocent man from being executed, she must also confront her own identity and the impact her father’s actions have had on the families of his victims.

Happy Face Season 1 Expected Storyline: 

Season 1 of Happy Face is expected to follow the events described in Melissa Moore’s podcast and autobiography. Viewers will be taken on a journey through Melissa’s childhood, where she witnessed disturbing behavior from her father, including animal abuse and the presence of unsettling ‘ghosts’ in their home.

The series will likely delve into the moment Melissa realized her father was the notorious Happy Face killer and the emotional turmoil she experienced as a result. As the story unfolds, Melissa will be forced to confront her father’s past and the possibility that he may have committed crimes that remain unsolved or could lead to the wrongful conviction of innocent people.

Throughout the season, Happy Face will explore themes of identity, family, and the far-reaching impact of crime on the lives of perpetrators and their loved ones. Melissa’s quest for the truth will be the driving force behind the narrative as she navigates the complex web of her father’s lies and the consequences of his actions.

Happy Face Series list of Cast Members:

  • Dennis Quaid as the Happy Face killer
  • Annaleigh Ashford as Melissa Moore, the killer’s daughter and makeup artist on The Dr. Greg Show
  • James Wolk as Ben Moore, Melissa’s husband
  • David Harewood as Dr. Greg, host of the daytime health and talk show, The Dr. Greg Show
  • Tamera Tomakili as Ivy, a producer on the show
  • Khiyla Aynne as Hazel, the Moore’s 15-year-old daughter
  • Benjamin Mackey as Max, the Moore’s 9-year-old son
  • Damon Gupton as Elijah, a convict on death row in Texas for a 1995 murder
  • Momona Tamada as Eva, Hazel’s best friend and true crime fanatic

Happy Face Season 1 List of Episodes:

The episode titles for Happy Face season 1 have not been released yet.

Happy Face Series Creators Team:

Happy Face boasts an impressive team of creators led by showrunner and executive producer Jennifer Cacicio. Cacicio, who also writes the series, has previously worked on shows such as Your Honor, Shooter, and Sexy Beast.

The acclaimed husband-and-wife duo Robert and Michelle King, known for their work on hit series like The Good Wife, The Good Fight, and Evil, are joining Cacicio as executive producers. They bring their signature blend of dark humor and creative storytelling to the project.

Other executive producers include Liz Glotzer, Melissa Moore herself, Conal Byrne, Will Pearson, Michael Showalter (who will also direct the first episode), and Jordana Mollick. This talented group of individuals brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the series, ensuring that Happy Face will be a well-crafted and compelling drama.”

Where to Watch Happy Face Season 1?

Happy Face season 1 will be available exclusively on Paramount+, the streaming platform owned by Paramount Global. Upon its release in 2025, subscribers to the service will be able to watch all eight episodes of the series.

Paramount+ offers various subscription plans, including monthly and annual options and bundles with Showtime. The platform also typically provides new users a free trial period, allowing them to sample its content before committing to a subscription.

Happy Face Season 1 Trailer Release Date: 

As of March 2024, a Happy Face season 1 trailer has not been released. Given that production on the series is set to begin in spring 2024, a trailer will likely be made available closer to the show’s premiere date in 2025.

Fans can expect the trailer to offer a glimpse into the dark and emotionally charged world of Happy Face, highlighting the central characters and the series’ key themes. As anticipation for the show builds, the trailer’s release will generate even more buzz among true crime enthusiasts and drama fans.

Happy Face Season 1 Final Word:

Happy Face season 1 promises to be a gripping and thought-provoking exploration of the lasting impact of crime on the lives of perpetrators and their families. Based on real-life events and with a talented cast and crew at the helm, the series is poised to become a standout addition to the true crime genre.

As viewers eagerly await the show’s release in 2025, they can look forward to a robust and emotionally resonant story that will challenge their perceptions of justice, family, and identity. Happy Face is not just another true crime series; it is a testament to the strength and resilience of those who have faced unimaginable adversity and emerged determined to seek the truth.

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