GRR Martin sues Blackstone for the rights to The Skin Trade

Although George R.R. Martin has not fulfilled the promises related to The Winds of Winter, the new novel of a Song of Ice and Fire, in reality the creator of Game of Thrones seems to know perfectly the definition of “broken promise”, especially when there are the rights granted for the adaptation of one of his stories.

In particular, we are talking about The Skin Trade, a story from 1988 based on werewolves included in an anthology along with other short stories by Stephen King and Dan Simmons, from which it was thought of making a film. That’s why Mike the Pike Productions bought the rights in 2009, and then assigned the work on the project to Blackstone Manor LLC. Under the agreements, the producers would have five years to start shooting the film. Without significant progress, the rights would return to Martin.

The producers actually took home the first results on September 2, 2014, but according to the complaint filed with the court, they would tacked all in a workmanlike manner to comply with the law requirement, without the production actually starting. Martin says the cast was assembled in a hurry, just to shoot a few scenes and continue securing rights to producers.

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The material produced by Blackstone Production was insufficient to prevent the return of the rights to Martin. Rather it was the equivalent of a builder agreeing to build a skyscraper and, on the last available day before construction begins (without a foreman, a team of workers or approved projects), he goes in search of a handful of workers. and in a month it mounts a gazebo instead of the skyscraper“, attacked Martin Neville Johnson’s attorney.

It promises a bitter legal battle, worthy of the best installments of Better Call Saul, and we hope that this will distract Martin from his trip to Westeros.


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