Gotham Knights: WB Montreal promises many customizations for each hero

The creative director of WB Games Montreal, Patrick Redding, reiterated the intention of its authors to propose many customizations for the heroes of Gotham Knights, confirming that all these customizations will be available from the launch and without the need to purchase additional packages.

Speaking on the pages of ComicBook, the exponent of the Canadian software house begins by stating that “I know it’s weird to hear that because it seems to have become an unusual thing these days, but since launch there will be a lot of content in Gotham Knights. We are focused on the game and working to make sure our users receive a wide range of customizations. skills and activities for each of the characters in the title. We will not leave aside skins or other components to offer them as DLC “.

Already on the sidelines of the reveal of the new action adventure of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, on the other hand, the producer of WB Montreal Fleur Marty was keen to emphasize that Gotham Knights is not a Game as a Service (the so-called GaaS or games with continuous development ) and that it could be played offline.

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Gotham Knights will therefore be a complete game from its launch day, indicatively expected in 2021 on PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS5 and Xbox Series X and S. If you missed it, we offer you our in-depth analysis on Gotham Knights’ combat system and RPG elements.


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