Girl Tips for Gym Starters

Most girls and women tend to like others. With a catchy appearance, this is obtained without difficulty, so everyone dreams of a harmoniously developed body, a slender figure, an even, strong back. These undoubted advantages, attract the admiring glances of oncoming ones, you can find in the gym.

What is the importance of training programs for women?

The gyms of beautiful ladies are attracted by different goals – to lose weight or gain weight, prepare for the holidays or just keep yourself in good shape, work out before the competition or solve back problems. Depending on the task, a training program is formed. It is important to take into account the age and features of the physique. What will be the training is determined by the state of health of the girl and the level of her fitness.

Undoubtedly, the program for beginners is fundamentally different from the training of athletes with experience in terms of the degree of tension and intensity. The advice of an experienced trainer is invaluable for those who have not yet trained in the gym and want to start from scratch. Professionally trained instructors of our fitness club are ready to fully help the girls in drawing up effective training programs so that they become even more beautiful and nicer.

Systematic exercises in the gym work wonders. In just a few months, you can tighten and strengthen your muscles, get a flat tummy and firm buttocks, and remove excess subcutaneous fat. A well-chosen set of exercises will make you fitter and more resilient. The effectiveness of training is higher, the more they correspond to your goals and capabilities. The equipment of the gym is important. When choosing a place for training, pay attention not to fashionable repairs, but to the quality of equipment. In our fitness centre, you will find the most modern multifunctional and specialized exercise equipment, as well as an abundance of “iron” – barbells, and dumbbells, including an extended line of free weights.

Types of programs for women and girls

Recently, not only men but also girls are not averse to joining the world of power sports. In gyms, women often choose not cardio training, but exercises on powerful simulators, with dumbbells and barbells. By this, they refute the stereotypical opinion that the result of training will be the transformation of a fragile girl into an overtrained jock.

In fact, women’s strength training, powerlifting, and bodybuilding are not at all dangerous in this regard. The rapid growth of muscle mass in men is provided by the presence of testosterone, while in women it is produced in a significantly smaller amount. That is why training will give you not swollen muscles, but a qualitative change in body proportions, as well as an increase in endurance, muscle strength and an increase in body reserves as a whole.

Differences in women’s motivation for physical education and sports from men’s are due to the peculiarities of psychology. The main thing is that the girl can perform a fitness program without undue stress. There is no need to push yourself to the limit to be successful. It is also important that training should be a pleasure, not a boring duty. A positive attitude is much more useful than hard lessons.

What to consider when compiling fitness programs for girls:

  1. It is necessary to include exercises for all parts of the body in the gymnastic complex and not just those that are considered problematic.
  2. Muscles in the female body are distributed differently than in the male – with a downward shift in the centre of gravity, which must be remembered when assigning loads during training and choosing the type of exercise.
  3. Women live in cycles, so if the intensity of training increases in the first two weeks after the critical days, then their intensity should be reduced.
  4. The weaker sex is not adapted to sudden stress, which is why girls cannot train “to the stop” when at the end of the workout they fall exhausted; they are more suitable for a distributed load during the lesson.
  5. Novice athletes need an introductory training program designed for 2 – 4 weeks when visiting the gym 2 – 3 times a week; this is how the muscles are prepared for the coming tension; usually, beginners are engaged in the full-body system. Basic stage workouts begin to master when the body gets used to regular tension.

Depending on the goal, training programs are the following:

  • For weight loss: this is one of the most popular reasons for going to the gym because girls often suspect that they are overweight, although this is not always true; muscle tension during a set of exercises is important: to burn as many calories as possible, the workout should be carried out in full force, until the seventh sweat – 3 – 4 times a week; similar programs include exercises such as cardio, push-ups from the bench, working with dumbbells, strengthening the press and others. Try not to wear too tight clothes that hinder movement. Prioritize comfort, and choose quality sportswear like shapewear leggings.
  • For mass gain: many girls are not averse to building muscle mass in order to the body has become more prominent, as well as increased efficiency and vitality, while you should not only train, but also eat right – at this time the body needs more protein, vitamins and minerals; such training is based on a large number of approaches when working out a variety of muscles – the press and back, arms and shoulders, legs and buttocks.
  • Circuit training involves a special mode of conducting classes, when in each approach you use all types of body movements – flexion-extension of arms and legs, traction with a barbell, squats with weights, hyperextension and others; during the training, at least 4 approaches are carried out; moving in a circle, you can diversify your workouts and burn a lot of calories, which is why this type of activity is especially suitable for those who want to lose weight; whole body.
  • General physical training to maintain shape: if you have already put your body in order, strengthening the muscular frame and adjusting the weight, you should continue to go to the gym so that your physical performance does not decrease; already having a proportional figure, girls strive to consolidate the result, for which it is worth go to the gym three times a week, and devote the rest of the days to jogging in the fresh air, cycling or regular walking; in this program, in addition to strength, there is a cardio component, since this type of load has a beneficial effect on all body systems: the heart works better, the respiratory system develops, the back and shoulders straighten, problems with the spine go away, the joints will get more degrees of freedom, the blood sugar level and pressure normalize.

Nutrition Tips

Proper nutrition is the foundation of a healthy, long life. By adjusting the balance of nutrition, you can get rid of many diseases, including troubles with the back and joints. Diet is even more important if you’re in the gym.

In order for the diet to be balanced, an adequate ratio of the main components of food – fats, proteins and carbohydrates should be maintained. It varies depending on the purpose of training in the gym:

  • In the weight loss program, your diet includes 45% proteins, 35% fats and 10% carbohydrates, so the nutrition formula looks like this: PFC \u003d 45; 35; 10%;
  • the mass gain program involves a shift in the formula towards carbohydrates: PFC \u003d 30; 20; 50%;
  • the girl does not need to lose weight or gain weight, so the nutrition formula takes the form – of PFC = 30; 30; 40%.

When visiting the gym, the basic principles of proper nutrition remain the same: vegetable fats are preferred to animal fats, slow carbohydrates are preferred to fast carbohydrates, and boiled meat is preferred to fried meat. It is better for girls to forget about buns, cakes, and sweet soda. They are replaced with fruits, sometimes dark chocolate is used for dessert.

The protein component of the food should be such as to replenish energy consumption during training and give the body building material. It is necessary to saturate the diet with natural vitamins, as well as macro-and microelements, using vegetables, fruits, and berries. On the recommendation of a gym mentor, you can use tableted vitamins and protein shakes for athletes.

The training program requires close attention to fluid intake. It should be at least 2 – 3 litres per day. Drink tea, juices, and milk drinks, but do not refuse regular water.

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