Ghostbusters Beyond Rick Moranis

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In this house you adore Rick Moranis. Although he has spent years giving us new reasons to venerate his figure, his career is so rich in successes that he continues here, achieving hundreds of visits every time on his birthday we ask ourselves, what happened to Rick Moranis?

And, after its beginnings in ‘Second City TV’, And premiere on the big screen with the unknown‘Strange concoction’(Dave Thomas, Rick Moranis, 1983), the Berto Romero American became international thanks to his unforgettable role in ‘The Ghostbusters’(Ivan Reitman, 1984).

This would be followed by that absolute jewel that is ‘The little shop of horrors’(Frank Oz, 1986) and other notable titles, such as‘The crazy story of the galaxies’(Mel Brooks, 1987), the always battered‘Ghostbusters 2’(Ivan Reitman, 1989),‘Darling, I shrunk the kids’(Joe Johnston, 1989) and its two sequels or‘The Flintstones’(Brian Levant, 1994).

But his life changed in 1991 when his wife, Ann Belsky Moranis, died because of breast cancer. With two young children, the actor decided to choose projects that were shot only in the city or, if he had to travel, during the summer holidays. For a while he combined the race as he could, but in 1997, finished ‘Honey, we've shrunk ourselves’(Dean Cundey, 1997), decided to take an interpretive break that has been extended until today.

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Although five years ago he recognized THR that, with his well-raised children, he had read scripts again with curiosity, it seems that his return to the big (or small) screen still does not occur. He did not want to participate in ‘Ghostbusters’(Paul Feig, 2016) or as a cameo and, it seems, is not expected in‘Ghostbusters: Beyond’(Jason Reitman, 2020), however much a Reitman signs the film and that Bill murray, Dan aykroyd, Ernie Hudson, Sigourney Weaver Y Annie Potts They signed up for the party to repeat their roles from the two original films.

Even so, we don't lose hope to meet again soon with the good of Rick Moranis. If the world could be a better place, and with it, it would be, it should be.

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