Ghost in the Shell: new Italian cosplay for Motoko Kusanagi by Little Giuli

Ghost in the Shell it is one of the most important franchises in Japan. With a strong science fiction imprint, it was born from the mind and hands of Masamune Shirow who brought the manga into publication in Weekly Young Magazine at the turn of the 90s. With its comic book sequels and anime, popularity then increased.

The protagonist of Ghost in the Shell is Motoko Kusanagi, a cyborg who also recently returned to the brand's new Netflix representation, created entirely in 3DCG for the platform. Despite the past years, the memories are still vivid in the minds of both Japanese and foreign fans, considering that even today there are cosplay on these characters. An example is the Motoko cosplay made by Yuriko Tiger a few weeks ago.

Today we bring you another Motoko Kusanagi cosplay, always with an Italian signature but made this time by Little Giuli. The 20-year-old Italian was also inspired by the illustrations of Ilya Kushinov, official character designer of Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045. Little Giuli did not stop at a simple photo but instead made a real set full of poses and inspirations, consisting of both photos and videos. Below you can see the collection coming directly from his Instagram account. Do you like how the girl played the protagonist of Ghost in the Shell?

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