From Lucía Dominguín’s headdress to Horus swimming across the ocean: These are the memes that the premiere of ‘Survivors’ has left us

We are very fan of television, of course we are. But also we are very fond of having a laugh on social networks, that our mother has always told us that laughing is great for our health. And since we don’t go to the gym, that’s how we do something …

And, of course, the first ‘Survivors’ program had to leave us jewels in the shape of a meme. And so it has been. That we are defenders of the Prado Museum, we go with Velázquez and Goya at the top, but on the Internet there is also a lot of artist.

So we have delved deeper into the nets more than the contestants in the sea jumping from the helicopter, and now we come here to bring you the best of the best.

From the strange thing that Lucía Dominguín (Palito’s mother) brought us in the head to the set, to the protagonism of Horus, Lola’s dog (and Diego). We have something for everyone, hey!

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