Flinch Season 2 Release Date: Is It Happening?

Stellify Media creates the game show “Flinch.” Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, Blind Date, Beauty Queen and Single, Gino’s Win Your Wish List, and Celebrities in Isolation are just a few of the popular game, reality, and dating series they have created in the past. The idea for the show originated in Matthew Worthy’s thoughts. He is a Managing Director at Stellify and has developed several hit reality television series. Take the Money and Run, The David Meade Project, Can’t Touch This, In Solitary: The Anti-Social Experiment, Space Truckers, and many more all had him on board as an executive producer or consultant at some point.

The idea of a competition in which candidates’ strength would be measured by their capacity to remain still is an interesting one. Worthy presented the concept to Netflix alongside fellow Stellify Managing Director Kiernan Doherty. Worthy and Doherty have worked together on numerous occasions. The barn where the shooting occurred was located in Northern Ireland. Considering how popular reality television has become, the fact that this hasn’t been done before is remarkable. Every human being has the reflex to flinch when threatened. The fact that it hasn’t already been made into a game show baffles me. ‘Flinch’ has all of a sudden become the perfect program for us.

Flinch Season 2 Renewal Status

On Friday, May 3, 2019, Netflix debuted its first-ever game show. However, viewers of Flinch are eager to learn if the show will continue with another season. However, the massive streaming site has not yet revealed the show’s fate. It takes Netflix, on average, about two months to determine whether or not to cancel a show. Now, over four years later, the massive streaming platform still hasn’t disclosed the show’s total audience.

But the ratings weren’t great for the show. The reviews were all over the place. It was given a 4.3/10 by IMDb users and 40% by critics at Rotten Tomatoes. However, the show has received 73% of Google users’ favor. The show hasn’t been canceled or renewed, but its odds are poor. Therefore, everything is possible.

Flinch Season 2 Release Date

The first season of ‘Flinch’ premiered on May 3, 2019. People who are sick of seeing the same events over and over again in the reality genre will appreciate the novel approach taken by the show’s creators. The show’s success is directly proportional to the degree to which viewers love watching torture (of any severity) being inflicted on other people on screen.

Too little time has passed for Netflix to make any conclusions about ‘Flinch’s’ reception. It’s natural to assume it will be well accepted, though, given the proven popularity of game shows overall and those featuring novel or experimental concepts in particular. So, we can probably expect another season of the show.

About Flinch

I wouldn’t recommend watching this show if you’re the type who gets squirmy during scary movies. But then you wouldn’t get to experience any of the excitement. This is not a horror show, don’t worry. In the same way that one false step might have fatal implications for the protagonists in a horror film, so too will any action on this show have dire consequences.

The physical game show ‘Flinch’ challenges players to remain as motionless as possible during the duration of the game. If you want to survive whatever is happening to you or what you fear is happening to you, you must NOT MOVE. Because the consequences will be dire if you do. The regulation appears to be quite easy to follow. Once again, this is easier to say than do.

Flinch Season 2 Plot

The streaming service has made no statement about the show’s future as of now. We anticipate the same structure if the show is brought back for a second season. The eight competitors will take part in challenges that are both challenging and hilarious. The competitors, however, will need to be on guard against mice, airhorns, flamethrowers, and electrocution.

The candidate who flinches the least will be declared the winner, while the others will have to deal with the consequences of their excessive flinching. Presenters Lloyd Griffith, Desiree Burch, and Seann Walsh would return if the show was revived.

Flinch Season 1 Review

The 25-minute premiere of Flinch, the first of 10 episodes, provides a quick overview of the show’s structure. In a rural barn in Ireland, three hosts, Desiree, Lloyd, and Seann choose a few contestants at random to take part in three terrifying tasks. The rules are as straightforward as the classic schoolyard game they recall: don’t blink. Every time you flinch, you’ll get a harsh punishment like slaps or electric shocks. The participants earn points for one of the hosts every time they flinch. The episode ends with the host with the most points facing an intimidating challenge.

The show’s ten episodes appear repetitive and sloppy since they reuse the same challenges but switch the hosts and contestants each time. You’ll know pretty quickly if this is a show for you, as each episode features three challenges, including one for the host at the end.

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