Flames Season 5: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Season 5 of Flames—reading this term triggers a flood of emotions and a rapid recollection of past events. Playing flames on every page of our notebooks was probably a common school activity for most of us. We would often pray, “I don’t want to end up being their enemy (E) at least,” and worry whether our friendships, relationships, or crushes would ever work.

Those recollections from my youth, if brought to the big screen, would be quite similar to Flames, a web series about coming of age that was created by the prolific Viral Fever (known for their smash successes like TVF Pitchers and Permanent Roommates).

Featuring songs from the 80s and 90s Bollywood style, it features a wide range of genres, including romance, slice-of-life, humor, and drama. The program airs on Amazon Prime and features four seasons of fifteen to thirty-minute episodes.

Flames Season 5 Renewal Status

While the premiere date of Flames Season 5 is yet unknown, fans should anticipate hearing the news soon. Season 5 of Flames has not been greenlit as of December 2023. Given that Flames Season 4 is now streaming, this comes as no surprise.

Amazon is probably waiting to see how the public reacts before deciding on Season 5. It now looks like Season 4 could not be the last installment, contrary to what some had speculated.

Flames Season 5 Release Date

With episodes clocking in at a little more than fifteen to thirty minutes, this is the perfect Christmas binge-watch. Fans of the Flames series have taken to social media to speculate about a potential fifth season after the publication of Season 4 in December 2023 and Season 3 last year.

Flames fans may catch up on previous seasons on Amazon Prime as they wait for word about Season 5. Season 5 of Flames has not yet had an official announcement about its release date, although it is likely that it will be made in 2024.

Flames Story

In Flames, a young couple’s love story develops like a controlled experiment. Ishita is the new girl at the tutoring center, and Rajat, who is usually good in school, starts to have emotions for her.

At the same time, Pandey and Anusha, who are Rajat’s closest pals, are moving from being friends to being romantically involved. Season one of this adolescent romance story explores how these connections evolve.

Watching the program takes you back to a simpler period when hanging out with your crush meant doing each other’s schoolwork. It brings back all the warm and fuzzy feelings of being a teenager when getting good grades and falling in love were the most important things.

Flames Cast


  • Ritvik Sahore as Rajat
  • Tanya Maniktala as Ishita
  • Sunakshi Grover as Anusha
  • Shivam Kakar as Gaurav Pandey
  • Deepesh Sumitra Jagdish as pradeep Kaushal

Flames Season 4 Ending

In Season 4, we followed the kids as they faced new obstacles and made life-altering choices in their senior year of high school. Tensions between Rajat and Pandu escalate as a result of their impending board examinations and the associated anxiety of feeling inadequate.

Due to financial constraints, Pradeep accepts a job in a private coaching school, abandoning his moral mission to ensure that the students have an easy education at the Sunshine Centre, which is now shuttered.

The fact that Rajat and Ishita resolved their disputes by deciding to attend separate universities after the season suggests that they may keep their romance going despite the distance. The last episode shows Rajat’s parents’ loving and sympathetic qualities in dealing with the strain of board examinations and their son’s struggles.

Flames Season 5 Trailer

The fifth season of Flames has not yet had a trailer produced. After Season 5 is announced, only then will we see a trailer. Once we have the proof, we can eagerly await the release of the Flames Season 5 trailer.

Flames Season 4 Rating

Amazon Prime members may watch Season 5 of Flames. With an 8.9/10 rating on IMDb, it is widely considered one of the finest programs to have come out of the Indian Subcontinent. Its relatability has won over viewers from all over the world.


The romantic comedy series Flames became famous for its depiction of high school romance and turmoil; it first aired on MX Player and is now available on Amazon Prime Video. Flames Season 5 is yet to be formally announced, but fans are eagerly awaiting further updates.

Season 4 is now airing as of December 2023, and the filmmaker has dropped hints that the tale could carry on, maybe delving into the protagonists’ college experiences. Among the primary cast members are Ritvik Sahore and Tanya Maniktala. Amazon Prime Video may be the platform for Season 5’s debut. This trailer has not been released yet. You can feel the warm, fuzzy feeling of adolescent love in this performance.

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