Fire Force and the weird chapter 155: Twitter trend for comic images

Atsushi Okubo is an author already well known to the anime and manga public for his work on Soul Eater, which has been completed for several years now. In the last five years, the mangaka has been busy on a weekly series, Fire Force, also known in Japan as Enen no Shouboutai.

The manga has enjoyed an animated adaptation that has recently seen the second season conclude. While fans of the anime can review Fire Force 2 on various streaming services, readers of the manga in Japan are about to collide with a new and very different chapter.

On Weekly Shonen Magazine number 12 of 2021, published in the past few hours in Japan, the Chapter 155 of Fire Force. However, the first spoilers have already begun to circulate and the leaked images have left both readers and all the other Internet users astonished. As you can see from the photos below, the author Atsushi Okubo has decided to radically change his story, making it almost a metaphor, filling some pages with the particular pose of a woman with raised left leg and left hand.

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The cartoons take it from multiple angles showing that it is a 3D model inserted between the pages, complete with a gray shade in the background which is then cut from white. We will have to wait to understand why Okubo has decided to publish a chapter of Fire Force like that and with what meaning behind it. Meanwhile, Fire Force has entered the final phase of its history.


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