Final Fantasy 7 Remake: the leak code of the PS4 Demo contains spoilers on the final game

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The news of the leak of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake Demo has gone around the world, and with it the related gameplay videos. The meticulous analysis of the data contained in the PS4 demo would reveal, moreover, some important spoilers on the final game, expected to be launched on March 3, 2020 exclusively on the Sony console.

The more than 30 minutes of game scenes immortalized in the videos that emerged on the net (and still freely accessible on YouTube) have in fact pushed several fans to study in detail the gameplay clips to hunt for clues about what awaits us in coincidence with the release of the blockbuster blockbuster by Square Enix.

By carefully studying the game trailers of the FF7 Remake Demo, on whose authenticity there would seem to be no doubt, the community has thus discovered unpublished elements ranging from aesthetic reinterpretation (and not only) of the characters already known when adding completely new settings: always thanks to the leak of the demo version of the "new" Final Fantasy 7 we are offered some advances on the boss battles (especially with the final one) and on the soundtrack.

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The stolen code of the Demo also contains many clues about the story, on which, however, we prefer to gliss in order not to show the side of the spoilers. Looking forward to receiving clarification from Square Enix, we refer you to this insight into Shiva's special abilities.

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