Dragon Ball Super: the love story between a god and an angel that you will never see

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The future of the franchise Dragon Ball Super it passes through the hands of Toyotaro who, month after month, acquires more and more autonomy in the drafting of the manga. But this has not always been the case, as many of the sensei's ideas have crashed into Akira Toriyama's total veto.

For some time now, rumors have increased regarding the greater freedom of action on the part of Toyotaro in the serialization of DB Super, less and less bound by the dad's supervision of the work, Akira Toriyama. But as we told you earlier, this process has been and continues to be a gradual phenomenon, so as to synchronize both authors in the same development line for the franchise.

Yet, the current successor to the famous mangaka has never missed an opportunity to offer his supervisor original and innovative ideas for the continuation of the story, some of which are also quite curious and interesting. On the occasion of an interview, in fact, Toyotaro revealed that Toriyama did not allow him to carry out a particular editorial maneuver, that is, to couple sentimentally the god of destruction of the eleventh universe, Belmod, and his Angel, Macarita. It is not clear why such a veto was imposed, but it certainly would have been a not so bad idea. However, always on the occasion of the interview, the author even showed an original sketch between the two characters mentioned above, a home scene that however we will never see.

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