Dragon Ball Super: Goku should already be stronger than Beerus, according to Akira Toriyama

Goku is much stronger than Beerus, or at least, it should be, according to author Akira Toriyama’s statements. Not long ago, in fact, an old interview dating back to the release of Dragon Ball Z: The Battle of the Gods appeared on the net, in which the author expressed himself on the power levels of Goku Super Saiyan God, Beerus and Whis.

The interview in question was recently translated by the guys from Kanzenshuu, and confirms that during the conversation with a reporter Toriyama stated the following: “The strength of the Super Saiyan God? Well, if Beerus is a 10, then I would say Goku Super Saiyan God is roughly a 6. Whis instead is a 15. The Saiyans get stronger fighting, so after many fights they might be able to fill the gap“.

According to the author’s words, the Super Saiyan God possesses a strength equal to just over half that of the God of destruction. The Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan, also called Super Saiyan Blue, it should therefore be able to reach Beerus’ power level, even if only with the help of the Kaioken. At this point it is impossible to know if Toriyama was referring to the Beerus from the film or the real Beerus, the one we got to see against Zamasu or against the other Gods of destruction during the Tournament of Power, but regardless of the context. there should be no doubt that Goku Ultra Instinct can beat him more or less easily.

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Of course it is always possible that the author was referring exclusively to the anime, or that he decided to change the power levels in the race, but according to his words Goku should be – at least for the moment – the strongest warrior after Whis. Besides, Beerus never reached Ultra Instinct, and Goku UI managed to defeat Jiren quite easily, a fighter as strong as a God of Destruction. For the moment, therefore, the balance would seem to be on the side of the Saiyan.

What do you think of it? Goku or Beerus? Let us know with a comment! To learn more about Ultra Instinct, however, you can take a look at our latest in-depth study on Dragon Ball Super.


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