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Do you already know all about Evan Peters, Halsey's new boyfriend she went to live with?

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Evan Peters, if this name sounds familiar to you it is because we had already spoken of him as new fiance of Helsey. The two started dating after the summer and the proof that they were together had come with their debut as a couple for Halloween. Halsey who came from the tormented history with the rapper J-Eazy, as he tells in his new single You should be sad, seems to have finally found the right person. The confirmation of this comes from the rumors that want the couple close to the big step of coexistence. We had already seen the agreement between the two on the red carpet and from the pictures of lovebirds that had been shot in the past few weeks but US Weekly confirmed that the love story between Halsey and Evan Peters is going strong and that going to live together was a completely natural choice. A source close to the two, just to US Weekly said: "They are both strange in the same way and all Evan's friends think they are a perfect couple." As we therefore rejoice at this happy event, let's go find out more about Evan Peters, the man who made the singer fall in love again Without me.

Evan Peters, who is Halsey's new boyfriend

The love story between Evan Peters and Halsey it was already written in fate. In fact, the singer had already written a tweet in 2013 in which she launched a petition for Evan Peters to go out with her. Think about it, it took 6 years but it really worked. I mean, Helsey who he was already knew it at the time, but how much do you know about dear Evan?

If you remember, one of the first red carpet by Halsey and Evan Peters it was for the hundredth episode of American Horror Story. Evan PetersIn fact, he was one of the recurring actors of the most terrifying TV series on television, covering some of the main roles in the different seasons and in the different stories (in AHS, each season corresponds to a totally new story). Just last year, Peter had stated that he would not take part in the 9 season of the series. One of the causes could be the complexity of the characters played. The same Ryan Murphy, creator of the series, had revealed that Evan had taken 2 years to recover from the character of Kai Anderson who had played in the seventh season, Cult. Evan Peters is an actor with remarkable skills that you may have seen on the big screen as the mutant Quicksilver, in the saga of X-Men. Since 2018, it has been part of the cast of Pose.

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What about his private life? The 32-year-old, originally from Missouri, has had a long and somewhat troubled history with the Scream Queens Emma Roberts. The two had met on the set of Adult World in 2012 and since then there have been pauses for reflection, returns together, a broken engagement and a case of domestic violence that has never been clarified. The story between Emma Roberts and Evan Peters it continued between ups and downs until March 2019, when the two finally broke up.

That Evan Peters may soon appear in a Halsey's video? Seeing how things are going, it could be an idea even if in the meantime we would be curious to see how they decorated their love nest, two weird like them.

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