Dark Nights Death Metal presents yet another weird variant of Batman

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The first issue of Dark Nights: Death Metal

The second issue features yet another variation of the Dark Knight, this time turned into a bizarre Monster Truck. Its appearance may initially suggest a Batmobile; in fact – after a closer look – we realize that it is a new version of Batman, known as Batmobeast.

The protagonists of the number – Wonder Woman, Swamp Thing and Wally West – discover his real identity after the vehicle suddenly becomes aware. He reveals that the three cut his brain trunk, which is why they were able to take control of it. Let's learn more about him through his hilarious monologue:

"Well, you may have severed my brain stem, but I'm Batmobeast. In a world of ingenious machines, I've risen to dominance. You can't be better than me."

Below is the synopsis of the second issue of Dark Nights:

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"Get ready to scream! Wonder Woman roars through the horrible landscape of the Dark Multiverse, along with the world's most demented monster truck, and Swamp Thing riding a shotgun! The two arrive at the base of the Batman cemetery and his army of zombies, but will they be able to stay up long enough to form a plan and take over the planet? Also, what is Lobo doing in space? "

Dark Nights: Death Metal tells the origins of Batman B-Rex. Dark Nights: Death Metal introduces an alternative Batman Beyond.

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