Cyborg: DC Postpone Solo Release

DC was all set to release their solo movie Cyborg with Warner Bros. This is not a sequential movie like any other DC’s Movie, it is a standalone craft. Cyborg character Victor Stone played by Ray Fisher. The film was likely to release on 3 April, but there are some issues, cause of these, Cyborg was not released. Cyborg is the collaboration of Warner Bros and DC. This is the first incident then both makers and distributors coming up with Solo release.


After releasing the cancellation of The Cyborg, the media are looking for both sides’ statements. When they asked DC Universe and Warner Brothers, they are backed themselves individually. DC Universe said that it was just beginning and the thing is not getting right. On the other hand, Warner Bros are ambitious to come up with more intense and they really wanted to make Cyborg.

Right now, DC has the movies in his Bucket. In upcoming days, you will get the news about the Man of Steel and Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. These are the upcoming lineup for DC Universe. If they are really wanted to involve in Cyborg then they will think about it after these movie releases. Justice League is also entering in the list, where DC and Warner Bros members are working individually on their respective departments.

There are lots of movies that have been waiting to go onboard, in such cases, Cyborg may take more time than usual. As we say Ray Fisher played the role of Victor, Cyborg will become his debut Movie. His role in the film takes the character will out the plans as they have decided. Alongside with Ray, his Co-Actor in Cyborg will be Rick Fomuyiva; he will play as The Flash. The main reason for the postponing of Cyborg is Shut down due to Corona Pandemic.

Cyborg was announced in 2014, by DC and Warner Bros. They have shown the real efforts to make Cyborg. Long six years are the witnessed of time invested behind Cyborg. They don’t want to take any risk so they took Six years. After completing all necessities, they are standing to release in 2020. After 2014, they announced 10 more films also; some of them are completed and released. Cyborg is the only film that DC and Warner bros do not hire Director and Writer.  The entire movie suit is making with CGI technology. People are waiting to reopen the market again, so they will hear about Cyborg release again.

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