Colombia aims to return to football in full pandemic: the date of return to training was confirmed

Colombian soccer could return from August (EFE)
Colombian soccer could return from August (EFE)

Amid so much uncertainty in soccer in South America due to the coronavirus pandemic, Colombia has taken a step forward and aims to resume its activity in the coming months. The Ministry of Sport has given the go-ahead to Colombian Football Federation Yet the Major Division of Colombian Soccer (Dimayor) to resume training in the coming weeks and, if all goes well, the league will resume in August.

The government Colombian has authorized the clubs to return to training from 8 of June under strict medical protocols and individually, which will start a four-phase process very similar to that of Spain that would lead to the ball rolling again to finish the championship.

"For now the ball is in the Federation and Dimayorthey have to contact the company that will apply the protocols and the testing of the players will beginThat is why we talk about June 8 so that all this process can be done these days. As they come out negative they will be able to start individual training throughout the month of June"Stated the minister Ernesto Lucena.

The first phase would start in less than two weeks with massive tests in all the clubs, in order to detect the carriers of the COVID-19 and initiate physical conditioning activities individually on the field.

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Individual training will begin on June 8 in Colombia (@nacionaloficial)
Individual training will begin on June 8 in Colombia (@nacionaloficial)

Just coming to July they would start with the tactical work and with more physical contact –The group practices would return between June 29 and July 6– and the resumption of the tournament would be between July 27th and the August 3rd. Anyway, on the dates of the return to competition and resumption of the Dimayor League, the Ministry of Sport indicated that "According to the evolution of the process, the League would resume in the month of August (first or second week), implementing tests every four days".

In the absence of official confirmation of the Dimayor, the Colombian media reported that there is the possibility of play the tournament within 50 days and in some cities of the country. Footballers could be confined to further reduce the risk of contagion. It remains to be defined if the championship is going to continue, of which only eight dates were played, or if that tournament is directly canceled and the second semester starts.


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