‘Peninsula’ is clearer about what a zombie movie should be than most of the heiresses of ‘The Walkind Dead’

‘Peninsula’ is the sequel to ‘Train to Busan’, a new large-scale zombie film that now arrives in Spain after its premiere at Sitges 2020 and become a huge success when it premiered, with opening records and a gross of around € 28 million in South Korea, where it was the No. 3 movie of 2020, with other significant figures in other Asian markets, starting from a very well-stretched $ 16 million budget.

It is significant that its starting point is not much different from Zack Snyder’s ‘Army of the Dead’, that is, a robbery or a foray into the quarantine zone full of zombies. Something that, like Snyder’s, seems like an extension of the opening scene of ‘The Land of the Living Dead’ (Land of the Dead, 2005), with which it has not only plot but visual similarities.

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‘Mortal Kombat’: Joe Taslim has a contract to continue playing Sub-Zero in four more films of the possible saga

Despite not being a movie, far from perfect, the new ‘Mortal Kombat’ has given me everything I expected from it and even a little more. Its 110 minutes full of explicit violence, a self-conscience to frame, and an enviable respect for the original material make it one of the best video game adaptations to date; And be careful, because if you share my opinion about it, you could be in luck.

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the guide with everything you need to know about the 93rd gala of the most important awards in Hollywood

A new edition of the Oscar Awards is approaching and all film lovers are invited to attend a ceremony that aims to reward the best of the year. During the night of Sunday, April 25, the most important awards in Hollywood will be presented and here in Espinof we will be one more year following him live.

You may be wondering what the 93rd Oscars is about by now and which films are really worth it among all the nominees. I will answer that below.

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