Call of Duty: Warzone opens your map bunkers with epic loot and more

The players of Call of Duty: Warzone They have been wondering what was the usefulness of the map bunkers from the first day, since you could interact with the keyboard at the entrance to them but never enter to explore the interior. Until now.

The latest update of the game has opened these areas, so players who get a key card on the map can enter and get the incredible loot inside. In this video, the Dirty player from the FaZe team shows the treasure that awaits in these fortifications.

The cards with which you enter these places are found in the legendary boxes. In short, it’s a mechanic heavily inspired by Apex Legends bunkers, which work exactly the same. And as they point out at Eurogamer, they are an ideal place for ambushes.

Another detail related to this new update is a message at the end of the patch notes that seems to be related to Call of Duty: Black Ops, which would mean that the tracks are beginning to move to present the game of this year, which according to previous rumors would be a new installment within the Treyarch saga.


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