Boruto could surpass the classic Naruto series at any time

When the series of anime from Boruto: Naruto Next Generations produces its best episodes, it really is the best content we get from the entire saga of Naruto. Fans remembered that fact after Boruto episode 192, “The Past,” which revealed Kawaki’s origin story.

Kawaki he is the young man that the Kara Organization has held hostage as their “Vessel” or vessel for Jigen. If you thought the flashbacks from when Kawaki was tricked by the leader of kara and his brutal training with Garou was bad, you should know that the new revelations were downright heartbreaking.

It’s hard to argue that it was a next-level episode for Boruto: Naruto Next Generations and Naruto in general. Warning! The following in The Truth News It will go even further into spoiler territory.

Foto: Boruto –Episodio 192 (Masashi Kishimoto)

Kawaki’s past in Boruto

Kawaki’s Origins showed us the the child’s painful upbringing in a remote village, in the service of his alcoholic father. The episode (directed by Masayuki Koda) is one of the most surreal visions of Naruto we’ve ever seen.

Here, we were shown a starving and battered Kawaki mentally escaping visions of goldfish floating in the air like ancient Japanese paintings come to life. Even the most “realistic” animation of the boy and other characters in the story is impressive.

Thus, episode 192 will possibly headline some of Boruto’s highlights, such as the battle against Momoshiki (“Father and Son”), or the episode (“Resonance”) where Kawaki fights his abusive sparring partner Garou.

Usually these have been poignant moments where Naruto and Boruto connect and bring up the themes of family or friendship leading the series again. “The Past” offers something different in that regard: the painful story of a character we are just getting to know, who touches viewers on a completely different level.

It is impossible not to cry a little when seeing Kawaki treated like an object by several abusive men around him; it’s rare that this epic ninja fantasy feels too real. Thanks to Episode 192 of Boruto, Kawaki has firmly established himself as the “Sasuke” of Boruto.

Fans can feel even more connected to Kawaki on an emotional level than ever before with Sasuke’s family issues. Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is now streaming on Funimation and Crunchyroll. The manga of Masashi Kishimoto (which is even more exciting) releases new chapters for free online monthly.

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