Black Widow: the villain Taskmaster will be the next anti-hero of the MCU?

If there are no further postponements, Black Widow it should finally arrive at the cinema on November 6th, and the public will be able to discover, among other things, the origins of the villain of the film, the mercenary Taskmaster. A suggestive theory suggests that the latter does not necessarily have to succumb, as traditionally it is the turn of the “bad guys”.

Taskmasteron the contrary, breaking the tradition of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it could instead survive even after Black Widow, making a path of redemption and proposing itself as a force for Good.

In the Marvel Comics, Taskmaster is Anthony Master, a Brooklyn-born mercenary gifted with the ability to mimic anyone’s physical abilities. Thus becomes a trainer of criminals, to then resell them to the highest bidder.

In the Marvel comics, however, this is not a completely negative character. After Civil War in 2007, in fact, Taskmaster works as a drill sergeant for the Initiative, training young heroes for the US government. However, he is forced by Norman Osborn to also train criminals to pretend to be heroes, and is sent to fight against two Captain America (Bucky and a revived Steve Rogers), again giving space to his dark side.

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The character’s inner conflict, however, leads many to imagine his change in Black Widow, which would undoubtedly be fascinating because such a path is still unheard of in the MCU.

We’ll see. In recent weeks, meanwhile, there was talk of a possible streaming release of Black Widow as in the case of Mulan, but this path is not viable and the appointment is therefore confirmed at the cinema.


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