Black Widow: Marvel Forcefully Postpone their Phase 4 Opener

The Phase 4 Opening and The Superwomen Series Movie, Black Widow Postpone their release date. Disney and Marvel Cinematic Universe confirm that Black Widow will release In November 2020, which traditionally release in May 2020.  Both, Disney and Marvel break the silence about this delay; they said it is because of the Post-Corona virus Pandemic. So, Now, Phase 4 line up will start from November 2020.

Black Widow
Black Widow

Delay of Black Widow, it means Marvel have to refit their calendar of Phase 4 again. They have to reshuffle all of their upcoming movie dates. The movie release in Hollywood affected by the COVID-19. Marvel was always looking for the May month slot for their Superhero movies and sequences. It will happen for the first time over the time that, Marvel missed their traditional Release Slot due to Corona.

Corona disease does not affect the only Marvel Studios, but it affects on Hollywood too. They forcefully clean their summer 2020 release calendar. Due to the health crisis, the entire world trapped, so for the public, Hollywood wiped their calendar.

The new date of Black Widow is yet to come, Because Disney has not declared yet, they said that the release date of Black Widow will confirm later after clearance of the crisis and pandemic of this disease. Officials are monitoring the Situation regularly, and they are also questioning where it will stop.

Nobody can work from studios for pre and post-production work. Because there is no logistical supplements facilities are there. This is the big challenge and due to this, they take that decision. They are hopeful for ironing this situation and will get a new release date of Black Widow soon.

Studio affected the number of million dollars due to postponement. It might be possible that they are missing the opportunity to score high this time with Black Widow. Disney Plus said that they are expecting from Black Widow that the movie will break the Box Office.

In November 2020, Black Widow has to face a large number of production competitions from other movies. Godzilla Vs Kong starts off before the two weeks and No time to die to start off before the three weeks of release from Black Week. It is a small margin of releases. The good news is, in the past Marvel get good business when they released at the end of the Year. Such movies like Doctor Strange and Thor: Ragnarock gets the good business. They got a blockbuster tag also.

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