Black Cat: the sensual Felicia Hardy steals and wears the Iron-Man suit, here is the result

The greatest asset of Black Cat, the 2019 comic book dedicated to the sensual thief Felicia Hardy, is undoubtedly that of having managed to bring back to life a character often portrayed in a frivolous or hasty manner. In the last volume, then, things got even more interesting thanks to an interesting gimmick of the author.

Without going into too much detail, the eleventh Volume of the work of Jed MacKay is Carlos Villa sees the Black Cat engaged in planning a theft against Tony Stark. The story is told through a series of flash back and flash forward, in order to better show the way in which the ideas formulated by Felicia's group are translated during the infiltration into the Iron-Man building.

Each volume of the work dedicated to Black Cat is self-contained, and to date we have seen Felicia Hardy create problems for Doctor Strange, Iron Fist and many other heroes. Tony Stark however is an opponent with a much above average intelligence, which is why the next issue of the comic will not reserve itself from showing the consequences of the theft in question, especially considering the importance of the object that the Black Cat has managed to subtract.

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In fact, on the last pages the thief managed to get Iron-Man armor, and it seems unlikely that Tony Stark will not intervene to put things right. Waiting for Volume 12, you can take a look below at the wonderful design of the Full Metal Black Cat.

And what do you think of it? Let us know with a comment! Always remaining on the Marvel Comics theme then, do not miss the opportunity to take a look at the new free volumes coming out in July.


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