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Big Brother Vip 2020 is about to begin, the recap of everything we need to know about the new edition

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The Big Brother Vip 2020 will start Wednesday 8 January in prime time on Canale 5 and never like this year the wait for the fourth edition of the program is making itself felt. After all, there will be many surprises as there will be a new driver conductor and of the commentators brand new, not to mention the choice of competitors which, at least on paper, seem to be perfect for creating a bit of movement and interesting situations (in addition to some controversy, which certainly cannot be missing). The twists and turns did not end here, though it is true that this new edition of the Big Brother 2020 will have for the first time a double weekly appointment with two first evenings, one scheduled on Monday and one on Wednesday.

Who introduces the Big Brother Vip 2020

After the first three editions conducted by the very nice Ilary Blasi (we'll miss you, know it!) this year at the helm of Big Brother Vip it will be Alfonso Signorini, already a regular guest of the program, who will be joined by the unpublished couple of commentators formed by Wanda Nara and the singer baby.

A decidedly unexpected and unusual trio which, however, promises sparks and not to discount anyone, the director of Who is certainly not someone who sends them to say just like the footballer's wife Mauro Icardi (former commentator in the sports program Tiki Taka), famous for having very little hair on the tongue and for its impetuous and very frank character. As for the singer of Chocolate ice cream instead, he will probably have the role of the 'shift guy' who will have to quell the spirits and restore peace and quiet in the studio when the situation gets too hot.

The competitors of Big Brother Vip

Ok it's all very nice, very intriguing and decidedly compelling but let's get to the point: what will i be famous that will enter the most spied house in Italy? We have to admit that the cast of this fourth edition is really very tantalizing, especially thanks to the presence of some names decidedly loved by the social world.

In addition to some characters evergreen like Rita Rusic, Adriana Volpe, singer I pay (back from reality TV Temptation Island Vip 2019, who saw her story wreck with Serena Enardu), Michele Cucuzza, Antonella Elia is Antonio Zequila, here comes also Paola Di Benedetto, 1.2 million influencers of followers on Instagram famous not only for being the ex Mother Nature of the program by Paolo Bonolis Hi Darwin, but above all to be the current girlfriend of Federico Rossi, singer of Benji & Fede.

Next to her also another name very dear to the world of gossip or that of Clizia Incorvaia which, in spite of herself, was the protagonist this summer of a much-talked about 'love triangle' together with her partner Francesco Sarcina (leader de The vibrations) and the actor Riccardo Scamarcio, with whom he seems to have had a frugal but passionate flirt. Who knows if inside the program conducted by Alfonso Signorini Clizia will indulge in some particular revelation about one of the events that have fascinated us most in the past months, finally letting us understand where the truth is and if this phantom betrayal has actually been there or not.

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As for the male world instead (because at least one cool must be in the house of GF, otherwise what do you watch it do?) among the most interesting competitors the name of that pine trunk appears Andrea Denver, an Italian model born in 1991 transplanted for some time in the United States and that you will surely have noticed in the video of Taylor Swift Blank Space.

Among the VIPs not yet formalized (but who seem more than certain) we also find Paolo Ciavarro, former conductor of the daily streak of Friends of Maria De Filippi as well as the son of art of Massimo Ciavarro and Eleonora Giorgi, or one of the golden couples who made the 80s Italian cinema dream.

The fourth edition of the Big Brother Vip 2020 is now ready to go and we can't wait to discover the first likes, the inevitable dislikes and the flirtations that will start inside the house. Fortunately, the wait is almost over.

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