Who is Big Boy Cheng ? –Big Boy Cheng Net Worth 2024

Who is Big Boy Cheng ? –Big Boy Cheng Net Worth 2024

Big Boy Cheng, whose real name is Michael James Cheng, was a Filipino businessman, art collector, and stylist whose impact goes far beyond design and collecting. Cheng has a huge collection of modern and contemporary art, which makes him a major figure in the art world around the world. He is known for having an excellent eye for art and being able to spot new trends.

He came from a poor background. He was born and raised in Manila, Philippines. Even though there were problems along the route, Cheng’s drive and love of art helped him move forward. He started out in the fashion business but quickly discovered his true calling when he started collecting and selling art.

Cheng has shown the work of both well-known and up-and-coming artists in his store, which has helped Filipino talent grow and become known on the world stage. His drive to be an entrepreneur and his commitment to supporting cultural endeavors have made him famous and solidified his place as an art-world visionary.

Who is Big Boy Cheng?

Big Boy Cheng, whose real name is Christian Robert Cheng, is known for being the richest DJ in the Philippines, a food vlogger, a fan of sneakers and toys, an entrepreneur, and the founder of Secret Fresh. Cheng was born on the 26th of September, 1981, in Manila, Philippines. His love of art and collecting led him to be successful as a businessman. He is known all over the world for having a great eye for one-of-a-kind designer things and working hard at what he does.

Attribute Details
Real Name Christian Robert Cheng
Nickname Big Boy Cheng
Gender Male
Date of Birth September 26, 1981
Age 35 Years
Birthplace Manila, Philippines
Religion Christian
Ethnicity Asian
Nationality Filipino
Education Graduated from Kantot Dito Kantot Doon University
Occupation Entrepreneur, DJ, CEO of Secret Fresh, Food Vlogger
Estimated Net Worth $13.3 Million (2024)
Parents Robert G. Cheng and Natividad Y. Cheng
Marital Status Married
Children Two

Big Boy Cheng Early Life and Education Qualification:


Born and raised in a tiny city, Big Boy Cheng was cared for by his parents, who were both teachers. He was interested in collecting designer things from a very young age. Although Cheng’s family came from a poor background, they taught him to love exploring by taking numerous family trips abroad to show him different cultures. Cheng’s early experience sparked his drive, which helped him do well in school. He finished with honors from Kantot Dito Kantot Doon University, which set the stage for his future work in design and collecting.

Detail Description
Background Born in a small town, raised by educator parents
Education Graduated with distinction from Kantot Dito Kantot Doon University
Family Encouraged exploration of different cultures
Ambition Strived for structured routine in daily life

Cheng’s education gave him the skills and information he needed to follow his passion with all his heart. His desire to always learn new things and experience different countries shaped his path as an entrepreneur.

Big Boy Cheng’s Personal Life and Relationships:

Along with his career accomplishments, Big Boy Chen is renowned for the good things he does for others. He is very involved in many charitable causes, especially those that support underprivileged areas and encourage arts education. Cheng has helped to make a big difference in the lives of many people and towns in need through his kindness and dedication to giving back.

Cheng is also known for having a great sense of style and dress, which makes him influential outside of the art world. Cheng regularly appears at prominent occasions and fashion shows. He easily mixes class and style, so fashion fans all over the world admire him.


In general, Big Boy Cheng’s many sides, including business, art, charity, and style, make him a real cultural icon and an inspiration for people who want to be creative or start their own business. His story shows that anything is possible if you have desire, keep going, and strive for excellence.

Big Boy Cheng Physical Appearance:

Big Boy Cheng is 35 years old and has a strong personality. He is 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighs about 85 kilograms. His commitment to keeping himself healthy is clear, and it shows how focused he is on his life.

Attribute Details
Weight 85 kg
Height 5’9”
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Beard & Mustache Yes



Big Boy Cheng’s Professional Career:

Big Boy Cheng was one of the first people to collect brand items, so his career has been full of new ideas and success. As the original owner of Secret Fresh, he has changed the business by putting together a wide range of brand items that fans all over the world want. Because of how he runs the business, Secret Fresh has become a top spot for collectors because it has the best quality and range.

  • Founding Secret Fresh:

Cheng’s work took a big turn when Secret Fresh was created. It gave him a foothold in the competitive world of designer collecting. He turned his idea into a successful reality by carefully choosing what to sell and keeping an eye on market trends.

  • Expansion and Growth:

Under Cheng’s leadership, Secret Fresh has grown by leaps and bounds over the years. The brand has reached more people and gained a variety of customers by forming strategic partnerships and coming up with new ways to sell itself.

  • Entrepreneurial Ventures:

Cheng has started many other businesses besides Secret Fresh, using his business knowledge to look for new possibilities. His desire to be an entrepreneur has led him to work with famous artists and open art spaces.

Big Boy Cheng Net Worth:

Big Boy Cheng’s incredible success in the business is shown by the fact that his net worth now stands at an amazing $13.3 million. He has reached the top of the business world thanks to his smarts and unwavering commitment. This has cemented his position as a pioneer in the design and collecting worlds. Cheng is going to leave a lasting impression on the industry for years to come because he is still passionate about art and new ideas. He will also inspire many others to follow their goals with strength and determination.

Big Boy Cheng Social Media Presence:

There is a lot of activity on Big Boy Cheng’s social media accounts, like Instagram and Facebook. With thousands of followers, he interacts with them through interesting posts that give them a look into his private and professional lives. Cheng shares information about his latest purchases, partnerships, and personal experiences on his social media accounts. This increases his impact and reach in the art and design communities around the world. His interesting online persona shows that he can connect with individuals from every walk of life, and it earns him respect and admiration from fans and friends all over the world.


Big Boy Cheng: Interesting Facts:

  • He is known for having more than 1,200 pairs of sneakers in his collection.
  • He likes Supreme name items, which shows that he has a wide range of tastes.
  • giving sneakers and going to charity events as part of their charitable work.
  • Multiple art shows are held, encouraging cultural exchange and creation.
  • Known as a DJ, his electronic sounds and hip-hop beats keep people interested.
  • Set up the Ronsc Art Center as well as the Vinyl on Vinyl Gallery to help artists get better.
  • worked beside the Benedicto Reyes Cabrera Museum to show off his art.
  • She is very interested in poker and often plays for fun with coworkers and friends.
  • Encourages people to be artistic and acts as an ambassador for street or pop culture art.
  • constantly broadens his horizons and eagerly takes on new tasks and chances.

Big Boy Cheng’s Other Interesting Hobbies:

Besides his work, Big Boy Cheng likes to do many other things, such as traveling, trying new foods, and spending time with his family and friends. His many hobbies show that he loves life and give him a well-rounded personality.

Final Words:

In summary, Big Boy Cheng’s amazing trip serves as an example for collectors and people who want to start their own businesses around the world. From being poor to becoming a huge success, he has shown how desire, dedication, and new ideas can change things. In the worlds of design as well as collecting, Big Boy Cheng is still a towering figure who is breaking new ground and setting new standards. He has left a permanent imprint on the minds and thoughts of fans everywhere.

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