Beyonce’s Dad Opens Up About His Breast Cancer

Beyonce’s Dad Opens Up About His Breast Cancer

The 67-year-old man made the revelation of his Breast Cancer during an interview with Michael Strahan. He also said that the odds of a man getting breast cancer are a thousand to one. Beyoncé’s father, Mathew Knowles, revealed that he has breast cancer. He does have it from the first day of the month of breast cancer awareness, which is October.

Beyonce's Dad
Beyonce’s Dad

He confesses during an interview with Michael Strahan, which will air on Good Morning America on This Wednesday. Breast Cancer in men is a rare case scenario. More than 99 percent of all diagnosed cases of breast cancer are found in women only. The chances of a man getting breast cancer are a thousand to one.

A preview of the interview shows when Strahan asks the 67-year-old man how he broke the news to his daughters and his relatives. “I have a great relationship as a father not only with Beyoncé but people forget that I have a talented daughter named Solange, who has won a Grammy and has had a number one album. People tend to think she doesn’t exist,” he said… Mathew is an executive in the music industry and talent manager who oversaw the stratospheric rise of “Destiny’s Child.”

In the talk, he admits that he used to have difficulties moving from being a manager to being a father, but says that his “mistakes” are not things that would change his life.

“The most challenging thing was to separate and cross the line from manager to father. That is very difficult in the music industry. If I had to do it again, I would not change anything because I believe that failure is an opportunity to grow, not a reason to quit smoking. Most people, when they make mistakes, want to quit smoking instead of learning from it, “he explained.


Remember that the interpreter did not hesitate to sue his father when he considered it necessary and fair. His father was his first manager, and he has various reasons linked to his career, So he decided to sue him.

His ambition and implacable personality were the necessary things that led his daughter to world fame. He was not a very Idolistic father from the beginning. Two months after his daughter was born, he abandoned Beyoncé and his mother, Tina. Years later, he returned, and they had Solange.
He went through legal lawsuits with former members of the group demanding royalty. It is said that he finally destroyed the group so that his daughter would take off as a soloist.

American media states that with the birth of Blue Ivy. Many things get softened. However, their relationship could not be described as a close relationship.

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