Best Animated Films on Netflix, who can enjoy all ages

Best Animated Films on Netflix, who can enjoy all ages

Everybody loves cartoons, whether they are on the edge of life or who just started step to walk. Animated Films are such cartoon movies that attract everyone. In this post, we have listed our best Animated Film that is, must watch. All of these animated series are picked from Netflix. So let’s see one by one.

The Tale of A Princess Kaguya

First, we have to start with The Tale of a Princess Kaguya, this is the film that we have included in this list, and you will like it. In 2018, Isao Takahata is passed away and this is the last film that he makes. This film is telling the story of a Bamboo Cutter. It covers the Japanese story, which happened in the 10th Century. This film is nominated for the Academy Awards. This animation film is the finest work of Isao.


Klaus is the second film; we have listed out this famous Spanish film. This is the Spanish film but is including the English dialogue. It is a 2D Animation movie but you can feel it like 3D Animation. 2D and 3D are mixed-used in the series. Some characters are designed in 2D Object, while some object is created as 3D Object. The lighting of the film gives another level to the graphics. The unique way of directing and style of the film is progress worldwide.

The Story of the film revolves around the Postman Jester Johansson. His father sent him to Iceland as a punishment; Smeerensberg is the name of Iceland. His laziness is the problem for his find, for that crime his father sent him on Iceland.


This kind of subject is hard to portray in the Animated Film. This Film portrays the subject of challenges faced by the women and girls in the terror hit countries. The story of a Breadwinner is revolving around the Parvana; she is an eleven-year-old girl, who lives in a Kabul. She helps his father to sell goods in the Market. One day the Taliban caught her father and his family struggles to eat a daily meal. How they manage to find a meal of one day, it is worth to watch the struggles of family. It is nominated for a best-animated film in Academy Awards.

A Silent Voice

A Silent Voice is a Japanese Anime Film. Story of this film is emotional through its characters, it portrays the heartbreaking moment. Kyoto Animation has produced and Naoko Yamada is directed A Silent Voice movie. This film portrays the story of a Boy, his name is Shoya Ishida. He used to bully a deaf girl, whose name is Shoko Nishimiya. Then she transfers to a new school. This film is based on the Manga Novel with the same name.

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