Benefits of Travelling Around the World

Benefits of Travelling Around the World

1) you get to wear different clothes in different weathers.

– You will feel fresh when it’s hot but warm when it snows

2)you learn about other cultures and make new friends!

– People are kind to each other regardless of where they’re from.

3) you can share your experiences with everyone when you get home!

– You can finally say that your mark on the world has made a difference.

4) new perspective on life

– A new perspective on how to enjoy our lives, not just busy with studies and work.

5) it makes you forget all your problems at school or work for sometime

– It’s a good escape from “reality” and a good time to refresh your mind.

6) you dgaf about people who hate travelling  – People who hate travelling probably never been outside of their comfort zone

7) you feel better to abt yourself

– You will feel contented because, you know, you tried.

8) it’s better than sitting at home doing nothing

– Travelling is not just sightseeing. It’s an experience of a lifetime.

9) you get closer to your family

– Nothing beats quality time with the family

10) you come back more self-confident

– Self-confidence is critical in facing anything that life throws at you.

11) you learn from your mistakes

– Mistakes are good to avoid in the future.

12) there’s no point in living if you don’t try new things

– You will not know what you can achieve if you don’t at least try.

13) it’s an activity that involves both young and old

– Travelling brings people of all ages together.

14) real friends will encourage you to go!

– If they’re your true friends, they’ll support you no matter what.

15) the memories last forever – The experiences you gain are forever in your memory.

17) travellers never regret their decision  – Travellers don’t know how it feels like to regret something in life.

18) you get to lower your carbon footprint

– Travellers encourage others to join in and help the environment.

19) it’s good for your health – Travelling is an active process. Therefore it makes you healthier overall.

20) you’ll come back more cultured

– You will learn a new perspective on life.

21) you get to learn about how people perceive things

– You will be amazed at what “simple” people can do without technology and luxuries.

Positive effects of travelling:

1. people tend to become more open-minded and try new things

2. people sometimes meet their future spouses while travelling

3. people often meet new friends who share the same interests in travelling

4. people get to relieve stress by hanging out with nature

5. sometimes they taste different kinds of foods or drinks

6. there is no better place than home when you are homesick

7. one might become more conscious about environmental issues

8. people get to travel for free or at a discounted price using air miles or work-related events.

9. one gets to learn the history and culture of different countries by visiting museums, monuments etc.…

10. people tend to stay healthier because they are more conscious about what they eat

11. people become more conscious about their weight since they are very active when travelling

12. people’s relationships with family and friends tend to be stronger after travelling because of the appreciation that one has for them

13. some people find long term travel as a path towards spiritual fulfilment

14. travelling also helps one relax and get away from reality for a little while

15. sometimes people might help others when they are in unfamiliar territories by offering them food, water etc.…

16. people also tend to have more money to spend on other things after travelling since travelling covers their expenses.

17. an emergency fund is always a good thing

18. travelling allows you to visit other places if ever something happens in your own country

19. people become more responsible because they need to take care of themselves while travelling

20. at least there is no excuse not to exercise when you are travelling all over the world!

Disadvantages of travelling:

1. people get the illusion that they are good at travelling when it is not since they rarely do it

2. schedules become very tight (at least in my experience) such that they can’t make any time for themselves or their friends and colleagues who might be interested in this hobby

3. food choices are limited if not impossible to find in the streets of Europe or the USA etc.… sometimes you have to settle for fast food.

4. money becomes an issue when one decides to travel constantly since hotels get pricey, transportation gets costly, and many other factors come into play

5. often, people are lonely while travelling because they can never connect with the locals due to the language barrier

6. travelling is so tiring it can be very hard on your body, especially if you are doing extreme sports

7. at the end of the day, parents are so vital that they keep us grounded

8. social lives become less active or limited when people choose to travel

9. people tend to slack off at work because they think they can do it because of all the travelling experience they have

10. people tend to get sick more often when they are abroad since their bodies are not used to new microbes.

Health benefits of travelling:

1. it is a mental booster

2. people who travel have less stress, so they tend to live longer

3. travelling has been known to reduce the risk of heart disease, blood clots and even cancer, according to some studies

4. it gives you an excellent cardiovascular workout because one tends to walk a lot when going from place to place.

5. it helps you maintain a healthy weight since travelling is an active lifestyle

6. the people who travel tend to have lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels

7. they also don’t take as many risks as smoking (due to smoking bans in public), drinking excessively, taking drugs etc.…

8. travelling might help people live longer

9. travelling helps you learn about different cultures

10. It can also be a learning experience when dealing with strangers or communicating with the locals.

Benefits of travelling alone:

1. it is a great way to get over depression because you realize that other places can be just as depressing

2. Traveling solo means that you will meet many people who might inspire you, help you etc.…

3. travelling with others can add to your stress levels, especially when such people are not easy to deal with

4. by having fewer people around, you have more time to think about your life

5. it is also cheaper to do solo travelling especially if one doesn’t care too much for luxuries

6. some people are just not good at socializing with others since they need their own space

7. there is no pressure of being the life of the party when you are travelling alone

8. it is not as crowded when one is travelling solo

9. at the end of the day, there will always be someone who has done what you have done so they can lead you to your next destination or place to visit etc.…

Advantages of travelling in general:

1. travelling is a great way to break the monotony of life and routine

2. one might learn many new things as well as earn money by working abroad for a few months or years

3. it can be an escape from society and social pressures, especially if you don’t like your job, family etc.…

4. going abroad shows a person that there is more to the world than their country or even continent

5. you will realize how little you know about different cultures and people in general

6. it makes one more open-minded towards other lifestyles

7. sometimes, it can be a great way to see the world from a different perspective

8. you learn to be more independent and responsible

9. it is a great way to brush up on your language skills if you are an international student or a tourist.

10. it allows one to explore the world and see new places and things they have never seen or done before.

Psychological benefits of travel:

1. travelling can help you get over your depression by helping you realize there is more to the world than what you see and know back home

2. people who travel tend to be less materialistic

3. travelling can also help one reconnect with their spiritual self

4. it allows you to develop a healthier and positive outlook on life

5. it might help you meet the love of your life if you are single

6. travelling can be a great way to challenge one’s self by doing something new or unknown

7. Traveling is also known to make people more thoughtful and more observant over time since they tend to see the world differently.

8. it will improve your problem-solving skills since you will have to think of ways to get out of difficult situations

9. it is a great way to travel especially when one doesn’t care about how luxurious things are or is too busy/tired etc.…

10. good trips make for good memories and stories.

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