Benefits and Side Effects of Weighted Blanket

Benefits and Side Effects of Weighted Blanket

As a parent, you should be well aware of the benefits of a weighted blanket. But do you know all the benefits? If not, this article is for you. Here we will discuss all the benefits of a weighted blanket which you never knew about. Here’s how your life may change after using a weighted blanket:

Weighted Blankets:

The benefits of a weighted blanket are countless. However, it is necessary to pick the right type of weighted blanket for you or your child. When picking the best weight for your blanket, make sure that it is neither too heavy nor too light. A good balance needs to be struck between the two extremes. For instance, if your blanket is too heavy, it may cause more harm than good. However, an extremely light weighted blanket will be useless as well.

Weighted blankets are not only for kids or adults with ASD however, but they also help in increasing the serotonin production of any person who uses them. Thus, this means that a weighted blanket can be used by anyone irrespective of their age group.

A weighted blanket also helps in getting rid of all kinds of sleep disorders without any side effects whatsoever. This is because of the weight which holds your body in place while you are asleep, thus making it easy for you to fall asleep faster and stay asleep for longer.

This is an important benefit of a weighted blanket because it is a great way to get rid of panic attacks and anxiety attacks. This is mainly because of its oppressing nature which provides the user with a sense of security and comfort.

In addition, a weighted blanket also helps in increasing blood flow. Thus, getting rid of all kinds of muscle pain that you might be experiencing.

Weighted blankets are also capable of helping in reducing the symptoms of depression. This is because it builds a feeling of security while reducing stress levels, thus making the user feel better without any side effects whatsoever.

Also, weighted blankets are known to help people with other skin conditions such as eczema or dermatitis by keeping their bodies cool while they sleep.

This is because it is woven with breathable fabric which does not let the moisture escape.

What are weighted blankets?

Weighted blankets are simply blankets that have been filled with plastic poly pellets, also known as glass beads or steel shot, in order to give them their weight. The weight of the blanket can vary between 6 pounds and 25 pounds. In other words, the weight of a weighted blanket is equivalent to 10% – 20% of your own body weight.

The best part about a weighted blanket is that it has been proven to provide benefits in adults as well as children. However, if you wish to purchase a weighted blanket for your child then make sure that you get them one that is filled with glass beads and weighs around 10% of their body weight. For instance, if your child weighs 30 pounds, then the best option is to pick a weighted blanket that is filled with about 3-5 pounds worth of beads.

Of course, it is necessary to strip the excess weight from the blanket in case you feel that it weighs a lot more than your child’s body weight.

Types of weighted blankets:

There are basically two types of weighted blankets when it comes to filling material with one filled with plastic poly pellets (glass beads) and the other one is filled with glass beads. The best part about weighted blankets is that they come in all kinds of colors, designs, sizes, and shapes. Thus, providing you with more options to choose from.

In addition, a weighted blanket can also be used as an adult blanket if the weight of the blanket is equal to your own body weight or less than it. However, make sure that you do not exceed this limit because then it will become ineffective.

There are multiple kinds of weighted blankets available in the market nowadays. However, make sure that you do not pick any random one because then there are chances that it might not be up to the mark.

The best thing about weighted blankets is that they can be made at home as well, provided you know how to take care of your blanket and maintain its quality. Weighted blankets are known to last for around 6 years or more if you maintain them properly. This is because they are resistant to wear and tear as long as the beads inside them are well secured.

Weighted Blanket Benefits:

Weighted blankets have been proven to be beneficial in a lot of ways, some of which have been discussed below.

1) They have been proven to reduce anxiety and stress levels. This is because weighted blankets are known to provide a feeling of security which makes the user feel comfortable without any side effects whatsoever.

2) Weighted Blankets are used as an effective cure for insomnia, especially in individuals who have problems falling asleep throughout the night. Most people complain of having trouble falling asleep, thus resulting in poor sleep quality. However, weighted blankets are known to improve the overall sleep schedule by providing relief to stress and anxiety levels.

3) Weighted Blankets are beneficial for individuals who suffer from panic attacks due to their calming effect on the human body. The best part about weighted blankets is that they provide a sense of deep pressure touch which is also known as proprioceptive input. This provides relief to the body and calms it down which is why it is associated with reducing anxiety and stress levels.

4) Weighted Blankets are beneficial for children who suffer from conditions such as Autism, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Asperger Syndrome, Depression, and Sensory Processing Disorder.

5) Weighted Blankets are beneficial for elderly people who suffer from sleeping disorders due to old age. This is because it calms them down and helps them get better sleep.

Weighted blanket dosage:

When you are using a weighted blanket for the first time, always start with 10% of your body weight. Gradually increase it to 15% of your body weight and stick with that value for a while so that you can see what works best for your child.

However, make sure that you do not exceed 15% of your child’s bodyweight otherwise it will become ineffective.

Weighted Blankets Side Effects:

While weighted blankets are beneficial for people of all ages, there are a certain few side effects associated with them as well which you should know about.

1) The most common and mildest effect is that it provides sweating while sleeping due to the extra warmth provided by the blanket. However, this can be prevented by using a lighter-weighted blanket.

2) Make sure that you do not place the weighted blanket over your face while sleeping because then there are chances of suffocation.

3) People with respiratory problems should avoid wearing weighted blankets, especially if it is placed over their faces. This is because people who suffer from respiratory problems have slower reflexes which can result in sleep apnea. This can prove to be fatal for the user so it is advised that they avoid weighted blankets until and unless prescribed by their doctor.

Weighted Blanket Pros And Cons:

These blankets are filled with plastic pellets or glass beads that provide the weight. The pressure provided by this blanket is known to mimic the feeling of being hugged. This helps increase serotonin levels in our body that otherwise decrease stress, anxiety, and insomnia. Serotonin makes you feel happy and relaxed which subsequently leads to better sleep.

Weighted Blankets are also known to have a calming effect on hyperactive individuals by acting as a gentle pressure that relaxes the whole body. This helps in having better sleep, calmness, and less anxiety.

Weighted blankets are usually filled with poly-pellets or glass beads inside them, but there are some varieties available in the market that don’t require any filling. These blankets are more like a quilt and need to be folded on the bed and then put over the user (much like a duvet). The benefits of these blankets don’t differ much from those with pellets or beads inside them.

benefits of a weighted blanket for kids:-There are many proven benefits of using a weighted blanket. Some of them include-

1) Relieves anxiety:

One of the most commonly reported benefits of using a weighted blanket is that it helps relieve stress, anxiety, and relieves insomnia. The pressure applied to the body by this quilt acts as an anti-anxiety medicine that helps the person to relax and feel better.

2) Promotes healthy sleep:

Many studies have shown that weighted blankets help in promoting healthy sleep by helping the users to reduce their anxiety levels. This ultimately leads to sound sleep, which is often disrupted due to stress, depression, and anxiety.

3) Helps children with ADHD:

One of the most common uses of weighted blankets is to help children with ADHD. This blanket helps calm the nervous system and provides comfort to hyperactive kids. Their anxiety levels are reduced by applying deep pressure on their bodies which ultimately reduces impulsivity.

weighted blanket for adults:

The adult weighted blanket comes in different weights depending on the requirement and size of the user. These blankets come with an evenly distributed weight that feels heavy on the body and helps in combating anxiety and stress issues.

The overall effect felt by a person after using this blanket has been described as “being held” and is known to be very comforting. You can get one for yourself too! You will start feeling relaxed, calm, and can have a sound sleep.

Weighted blanket buying guide:

Like many others who are new to the concept of a weighted blanket, you too might be a bit confused about which one to buy. There are certain things that you need to keep in mind while selecting a good quality weighted blanket for yourself or someone close to you. They are –

Weighted blanket size:

Choosing the right weighted blanket is not like buying any other regular quilt. You need to figure out the size that will be perfect for you or your loved one depending on their requirement and body weight. Most companies manufacturing these blankets provide the dimensions of the same along with the weight range, which is an important criterion to consider before buying one.

The weighted blanket material:

The material of the weighted blanket plays a crucial role in determining its life and durability. Make sure that you choose a quilt filled with non-toxic and skin-friendly materials like glass beads, poly pellets, or cotton. Avoid choosing any product made up of plastic pellets as they are not breathable and can lead to suffocation.

weighted blanket weight:

You need to choose the right weight for your weighted blanket depending on your requirement. Check out the size of the person you are planning to gift this blanket to, then compare it with the weight range provided by different manufacturers in order to buy an ideal weighted quilt or duvet. With time, you will find the perfect weight for your blanket and it will help you relax better.

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