Benedict Cumberbatch to star in ‘The 39 Steps’ for Netflix: a limited series underway based on the novel adapted by Hitchcock

It is always good news to see Benedict Cumberbatch en pantalla and be careful with the project in which you are going to participate. The British actor will star in ‘The 39 Steps’, a new limited series for Netflix based on the homonymous novel by John Buchan (translated in Spain as ’39 steps’), a work that Alfred Hitchcock adapted back in 1935.

Cumberbatch, who we have seen does nothing in ‘The Mauritanian’, will play Richard Hannay, an ordinary man who, without eating or drinking it, will find himself fleeing as a pawn in an immense conspiracy to establish a new world order. The series will be set today.

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The series comes from the hand of the director Edward Berger, who already worked with the actor on ‘Patrick Melrose’ and the screenwriter Mark L. Smith (‘Midnight sky’), who will be in charge of writing this miniseries whose number of chapters will be at least six (according to Deadline).

No more details are known about this new Netflix series, who apparently became interested in the project as soon as it hit the market. Production is expected to take place this summer, as long as the circumstances of the pandemic allow it.

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