Avatar: The Last Airbender Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Avatar: The Last Airbender Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

In the world of Avatar, which is based in Asia, some folks can telekinetically control any of the four elements (water, earth, fire, or air) by “bending,” which is based on Chinese martial arts.

The “Avatar” is the only person who can control all four elements. He or she is in charge of keeping the peace between the world’s nations and is the relation between the real world as well as the spirit world.

The series is about twelve-year-old Aang’s journey with his friends Katara, Sokka, as well as later Toph as they try to stop the war between the Fire Nation and the other nations around the world. Aang is the current Avatar and the last member of his country, the Air Nomads, to survive.

It also tells the story of Zuko, the exiled prince of a Fire Nation, who, with the help of his wise uncle Iroh and, later, his aspirational sister Azula, wants to win back his losing honor by capturing Aang.

Avatar is made in a style that mixes anime and American cartoons. It is mostly based on images from Chinese culture, but there are also some influences from East Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia, the New World, Siberia, and the Arctic.

Avatar: The Last Airbender did well in the ratings and was praised by both audiences and critics because of its characters, cultural references, art direction, voice acting, soundtrack, humor, as well as themes.

There are ideas like war, genocide, imperialism, authoritarianism, indoctrination, and free choice that are rarely talked about in entertainment for young people.

It got five Diana Awards, a Genesis Award, a Primetime Emmy Award a Kids’ Choice Award, and a Peabody Award. Several critics have said that the show is one of the best-animated TV shows of all time.

From 2005 to July 2008, Nickelodeon showed three seasons of Avatar. An ongoing comic book series, a prequel short story series, an animatronic sequel series, a live-action movie, and a live-action remake series for Netflix are all part of the Avatar franchise.

In June 2018, to mark the tenth anniversary of the end of the series, the whole thing was put out on Blu-ray. In May 2020, Netflix in the US and Canada, Paramount in June 2020, and Amazon Prime Video in January 2021 will all be able to stream it.

Avatar: The Last Airbender Release Date

We don’t know when the live-action Avatar: The Last Airbender series on Netflix will start. Most likely, the first episode will air sometime in 2023.

The streaming service announced on Nov 16, 2021, that work on the live-action sequence had begun. Netflix let fans know what was going on with the show by tweeting a picture of an actor smiling and laughing on set. You can see for yourself how healthy the picture is down below.

The young actors said on Instagram in June 2022 that production just on the show was done, which means that it is in the comment stage.

So, it’s important to know that the forthcoming live-action show uses the same Stagecraft technology to film as Disney+’s The Mandalorian. With this technology, a video wall shows a digital setting while actors act out scenes in real-time. This saves a significant amount of time if it did come to editing and making the final product.

Keeping this in mind, the Avatar: The Last Airbender live-action series on Netflix could come out as early as the first half of 2023. The first season of The Mandalorian came out five months after the first day of filming, utilizing the same next-generation technology. This means that Avatar could also come out quickly.

Avatar: The Last Airbender Cast

Gordon Cormier would then play Aang, Kiawentiio will play water bender Katara, Ian Ousley would then play Katara’s boomerang-loving brother Sokka, and Dallas Liu will play Prince Zuko, the streamer said.

Since they said there would be four stars, Netflix is also announcing Paul Sun-Hyung Lee will play Uncle Iroh. Commander Zhao, one of the main bad guys this season, will be played by Ken Leung. King Bumi will be played by Utkarsh Ambudkar, June will be played by Arden Cho, and Aang’s air-nomad mentor Gyatso would be played by Kay Siu Lim.

This is the current cast list for the live-action Netflix show Avatar: The Last Airbender:

  • Gordon Cormier (as Aang)
  • Kiawentiio (as Katara)
  • Ian Ousley (as Sokka)
  • Dallas Liu (as Prince Zuko)
  • Paul Sun-Hyung Lee (as Uncle Iroh)
  • Daniel Dae Kim (as Fire Lord Ozai)
  • Ken Leung (as Commander Zhao)
  • Kay Siu Lim (as Gyatso)
  • Elizabeth Yu (as Azula)
  • Yvonne Chapman (as Kyoshi)
  • Maria Zhang (as Suki)
  • Casey Camp-Horinek (as Gran Gran)
  • Utkarsh Ambudkar (as King Bumi)
  • Arden Cho (as June)
  • Danny Pudi (as The Mechanist)
  • Momona Tamada (as Ty Lee)
  • Thalia Tran (as Mai)
  • Amber Midthunder (as Princess Yue)
  • A Martinez (as Pakku)
  • Nathaniel Arcand (as Chief Arnook)
  • Hiro Kanagawa (as Fire Lord Sozin)
  • C.S. Lee (as Avatar Roku)

Avatar: The Last Airbender Trailer

Avatar: The Last Airbender Plot

In the animated show, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Aang is the last of the Air Nomads. After being cooled for 100 years, Katara and her brother Sokka, who are from the Southern Water Tribe, find him.

After Aang thaws out, he finds out that the military-minded Fire Nation has attacked other Kingdoms and also has bad plans to take over the whole world. To stop these same Firebenders, Aang must maestro all four components, become the Avatar, and bring balance back to the war-torn land.

The good news is it looks like Netflix will stick to this script, which also helped make the original animated show another of the best TV shows ever. In 2018, Netflix said that the live-action version of Avatar: The Last Airbender would be a “re-imagining.”

This doesn’t mean that the live-action Avatar: The Last Airbender show on Netflix will be a strict remake, but it does mean that it’ll follow the same story beats and story advancement as the first season of the animated show from 2005.

It’s been a hundred years since the Fire Nation went to war with the Air, Water, as well as Earth nations to take over the whole world. Sokka and Katara, who both live inside the Southern Water Tribe, find a strange iceberg. When they broke through the iceberg, they saw a 12-year-old boy called Aang as well as his animal flying bison named Appa.

Zuko, the disgraced king of the Fire Nation, sees the light from Aang’s release and goes to the Southern Water Tribe to demand that the people give him the Avatar, the only person who can control all four elements (air, water, earth, and fire) by “bending” them.

Aang gives himself up to protect the village, but Katara and Sokka help him get away from the Nation ship and fly to Appa. The three of them go to Aang’s home country, the Southern Air Temple. There, Aang learns that he was in the iceberg for a hundred years and that the Fire Nation killed the other Air Nomads, including his guardian Monk Gyatso.

Aang goes into the Avatar State out of despair. He ends up in the Spirit World, where he meets a Dragon Spirit. Bring Aang away from the Avatar State, Katara.

The group gets to a village in the Earth Kingdom that is run by Fire Nation. When they are caught and put in jail, they start a rebellion and fight the Fire Nation soldiers who have taken over the village.

Aang tells Katara as well as Sokka that he can only bend air and hasn’t learned how to bend the other 3 components yet. They travel to the Northern Water Tribe, where Aang can learn from people who are good at water bending.

During a side trip to a Northern Air Temple, Aang has been betrayed by a peasant as well as captured by Fire Nation archers did lead by Commander Zhao. But a thief with a mask named the Blue Spirit did help Aang getaway.

Zhao figures out that Zuko is indeed the Blue Spirit and orders the crossbowman to shoot a bolt that knocks Zuko out. However, Aang uses his abilities to get away with Zuko while he is still unconscious.

Aang stays with Zuko until morning when he goes to find Sokka and Katara. Zhao tries once more to kill Zuko besides trying to blow up his ship, and yet Zuko sneaks on board Zhao’s ship and stays alive.

When Aang and his friends get there, the people of the Northern Water Tribe welcome them, and water-bending master Pakku means teaching Aang and Katara how to do it. When the Fire Nation comes, Zhao starts his attack, while Zuko keeps looking for the Avatar on his own.

Zuko takes Aang prisoner after beating Katara in battle. Aang then goes back to the Avatar State to look for the Dragon Spirit, which will help them beat the Fire Nation. “Use the ocean as well as demonstrate the strength of water,” the Dragon Spirit tells him.

When Aang goes back to his body, he fights Zuko till the Katara freezes One within the ice, at which point she leaves to join the fight. Zhao and Zuko’s uncle Iroh go to a sacred cave in which Zhao catches the Moon Spirit. Even though Iroh begs him not to, Zhao kills this same Moon Spirit to take away the powers of all the water benders.

Iroh shows Zhao and his group how good he is at fire bending, which scares Zhao and his group away from the sacred cave. Princess Yue dies to bring the Moon Spirit back to life. Zhao finds out that Zuko is still alive. He and Zuko get ready to fight, and yet Iroh discussions Zuko out of it, and water benders drown Zhao.

Aang goes into the Avatar State as well as turns the ocean into a huge wall to push this same Fire Nation back as he thinks about his life before he was frozen.

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