Avatar 2, Theory of the Villain's Return in Each Sequel

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"There is no new villain every time, which is interesting"He commented James Cameron in an interview in 2017. "The same guy, the same motherfucker through all four movies. I know Stephen Lang is going to show off"

Effectively, Stephen Lang He knew how to provide the film with the caricature necessary to act as antagonist of the story but, from what he himself tells, it may surprise more than one in the future ‘Avatar 2’And its aftermath.

"It is very satisfying to know that the character was valued enough and made the necessary impression for James Cameron to say, 'We are not done with him yet.'"Says the interpreter to The National. "Now I'm working with a much larger canvas than the first Avatar, and it keeps me in touch with James Cameron to go down in the mud and examine the character in detail. That, for me, is absolutely satisfying and challenging."

All of this would be great if it wasn't because, in ‘Avatar’(James Cameron, 2009) we saw Quaritch. And not only him, but the doctor Grace Augustine, the character embodied by Sigourney Weaver, will also return in the four announced sequels, regardless of the fate of his role in the plot known so far.

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To solve all this fuss, a Reddit user (of course) has decided to take out a theory from the manga that, to be honest, works.

According to this plot, the key would be given by one of the additional scenes that could only be seen in one of the later montages signed by Cameron and that included a prologue in which Jake I was listening to a news story about how a Beijing zoo had successfully cloned an extinct Bengal tiger.

Holding on to this moment as one who has discovered the key to everything that is to come, the user assures that a corporation like the Resources Development Administration will keep copies of the DNA of its workers, especially its director of security, so future Quaritch the protagonists will face are only clones of the original (if the one we saw in the first movie was).

For now, we have to wait until December 17, 2021 to find out if ‘Avatar 2’Includes cloning as one of its main themes. If everything goes well, the fans can be satisfied later with ‘Avatar 3’(2023),‘Avatar 4’(2025) and‘Avatar 5’(2027).

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