At Home With The Furys Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Social media users have overwhelmingly praised the program for its realistic depiction of Tyson Fury’s battles with mental health issues. Viewers appreciate the show’s honesty in depicting these difficulties, which highlights its importance in promoting open discussions about mental health. There has been a loud clamor for a second season of At Home with the Furys, and many people are yearning for it. The issue of whether or not At Home with the Furys will return for a second season reverberates as the expectation builds.

At Home With The Furys Season 2 Renewal Status

As of this writing on August 18th, Netflix has neither confirmed nor denied a second season of the program. However, production on Season 2 is rumored to begin later this year, with showrunners apparently ordering more episodes before Season 1 even premiered.

At Home With The Furys Season 2 Release Date

We haven’t heard anything official yet, but if there will be a second season, it might premiere as soon as 2024. There is a lot happening in the Furys’ lives right now, with an engagement and a new family member on the way, so it would make sense for the cameras to follow them about for a few more months.

About At Home With The Furys

Three weeks have passed since Tyson Fury’s retirement from boxing. He has hung up his gloves and is spending his days playing golf and drinking beer. However, Fury soon learns that staying at home is more challenging than getting hit in the face for many hours.

The Gypsy King must now adjust from performing in front of 90,000 screaming fans to the difficulties of the daily school run and making sure the kids eat their meals.

Most of Tyson’s family, including his wife Paris, think he’ll be back in the ring sooner rather than later, adding fuel to the will-he-won’t-he debate surrounding his retirement. But suddenly Paris has a lot on her plate, having to be “super mom” while dealing with Tyson’s mood swings and the continuous family turmoil, which includes her “12 going on 20” daughter Venezuela.

Tyson Fury’s mental health is only one of several plotlines here, and an excellent scene between Paris and John in Episode 3 really helps to bring it to life. The addition of Tyson’s brother Tommy and his girlfriend Molly-Mae to the story adds a new dimension to the tale.

At Home With The Furys Season 2 Cast

Given the show’s emphasis on family dynamics, it shouldn’t be surprising that Tyson’s relatives—including several A-listers from previous seasons of Love Island—make up a sizeable chunk of the group. See who else makes up the primary cast down below!

  • Tyson Fury
  • Paris Fury
  • Tommy Fury (Tyson’s brother)
  • John Fury (Tyson’s dad)
  • Venezuela Fury
  • Prince Adonis Amaziah Fury
  • Prince John James Fury
  • Athena Fury
  • Molly-Mae Hague
  • Prince Tyson Fury II known as “Tuti”
  • Valencia Amber Fury

At Home With The Furys Season 2 Plot

Since Netflix has not yet officially renewed this, there is nothing known about season 2. If the streamers give the go-ahead, we can expect a lot more drama, more in-depth examination of mental health issues, and a closer look at each child’s development.

Perhaps there will be even more newborns in season two, what with Tyson and Paris expecting their seventh kid and Molly-Mae having just given birth to her and Tommy’s first child, Bambi. It’s also possible to use Tommy’s proposal and Molly-Mae’s wedding preparations as plot points in the following episode because the two have just become engaged. Well, at least we’re hoping!

At Home With The Furys Rating

On August 16, 2023, Netflix premiered all nine episodes of Season 1 of At Home With the Furys. The show has been rated 7.1/10 on IMDb and 75% on Rotten Tomatoes.

At Home With The Furys Season 2 Trailer

There is currently no word of a comeback, thus there won’t be a new teaser. We have no idea how long this will take since shooting hasn’t even begun yet.

At Home With The Furys Season 2 Episodes

There were nine episodes in the first season of At Home With The Furys. There will probably be between seven and nine episodes in season two of At Home With the Furys.

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