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Anahí's beautiful mom that few know

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The actress and singer Anahí began her journey in show business since she was a child and has achieved a brilliant career, and if there is someone who has taken care of guiding and supporting her, it is Marichelo Portilla, her mother.

Anahí rarely publishes images of her next to Doña Marichelo, her mother, on her social networks and in some that she has on Instagram it can be seen that she is a very beautiful lady.

Anahí, who is 36 years old, expresses on Instagram to his mother mother the love and gratitude he feels for her and they have an excellent relationship, so it can be seen.

Anahí Puente is the daughter of Marichelo Portilla and Enrique Puente, and is currently married to Manuel Velasco Coello, a Mexican politician, who was Governor of the state of Chiapas from December 2012 to August 29, 2018.

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Mother and daughter have a certain physical resemblance, but on social networks some Internet users comment that Marichelo, Anahí's sister and who is married to Jorge D'Alessio, son of Lupita D'Alessio and the late Jorge Vargas, looks more like Mrs. Marichelo .

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Anahí's beginnings in the Mexican show

Anahí Giovanna Puente Portilla is the full name of Anahí and according to information on Wikipedia, she was born in Mexico City on May 14, 1983.

Anahí became known on Mexican television when she was a child. It is in the Chiquilladas program, when he was barely three years old, that he conquered the audience with his sympathy, beauty and intelligence.

Over the years, and growing up, she appeared in other programs such as Woman, real life cases, The marked hour and The web, among others.

Anahí has ​​always remained in force in the entertainment world through her participation in different soap operas and making music.

Having been part of the soap opera Rebele, in 2004, gave him more fame and international projection.


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