a surprising unpublished photo before the visual effects

For some time now films and TV series have gone through post-production processing with visual effects in order to show fantastic landscapes and creatures, thus enchanting viewers with images that seem truly real. Images of films and TV series have appeared on social networks, including the game of Thrones, before the VFX process.

During the years the techniques have been refined, managing to connect the experience of an actor on the set of a film or series with what visual effects can create, how far makeup and hair can not go.
On Twitter a user has posted some images from different sequences of films and TV series and now we show you the image of a scene about Game of Thrones.

The image in question sees Daenerys Targaryen while stroking a dragon. The photo shows both what the spectators saw on the screen thanks to the work of the visual effects, and how the scene was actually shot on set, with Emilia Clarke holding on her lap a green object that simulates the shape of the dragon that will then come made in post-production with the help of digital support.
These days we are celebrating the first anniversary since the end of the Game of Thrones mother saga, with the eighth season that made a lot of discussion about fans and critics, who reopened the debate on the occasion of the anniversary.
In the meantime, what is Maisie Williams doing in quarantine? Just the interpreter of Arya on social media has revealed how she spends her days in this period of isolation.
After a long time, Jason Momoa and Peter Dinklage found themselves and went hunting for vampires, several years after the experience shared in Game of Thrones.

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